Founded in 2012, Blacksumac is an Ottawa startup engaged in engineering design and technology development. Our product focus is remote presence-based smart home and business technology.

Blacksumac is the creator of Piper, the security and monitoring solution for small living spaces, businesses, and vacation properties.

Piper is an integrated smart-home and security system for smaller living and work spaces.

Secure and monitor your space with Piper.

Piper keeps apartments, condos, vacation homes, and businesses safe and sound.

Home Alerting System - Get told by text message, phone call, email, or push notification of things happening in your space like someone entering your apartment, your smoke detector sounding, or the temperature dropping suddenly.

360° Video Monitoring - Piper's wide-angle camera lets you pan around your space from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Use the camera and to start recording when an event happens (like someone entering the room), to record on a schedule, or to view live video whenever you want to check in on your space.

Indoor Environment Monitoring - Piper is also a pretty smart indoor environment guru. It tells you the aura of the space it's located in, combining temperature, humidity, and ambient light and sound ratings.

Home Automation - Piper's expansion packs let you take advantage of home automation technology in a simple but powerful way. Add-on products can turn your living room lights on when someone walks into the room, let you control appliances through the mobile app, and more.

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