Blist is an online community for producers, publishers, and consumers of data. Through a suite of innovative Web services, Blist provides the world’s most comprehensive platform for social data discovery. Social data discovery is a transformational, participatory process for achieving business and government transparency, promoting civic engagement, improving decision and policy making, and creating new audiences and markets for untapped data assets currently obscured in file formats such as CSV and PDF.

Blist Web solutions combine elements of leading edge technologies – social networking, cloud computing, data visualization and analytics, mobile and location-based services, internet-scale databases and Web publishing – into a social, participatory experience for non-technical audiences – citizens and consumers, journalists and scientists, policy makers, knowledge workers and business executives.

Blist enables data-rich Web sites with unprecedented usability, social interaction, relevance and learning that facilitate community participation, unanticipated discoveries, increased insight, improved policies and decisions, and higher return on all data-related investments. Unlike existing general-purpose tools for Web publishing, Blist focuses on the problems and challenges of data consumption for specific industry and government communities.


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