Bridgit is bringing the power and flexibility of mobile devices to the construction site. By improving communication between contractors through trackable, and tagged multimedia messages, Bridgit will eliminate many of the costly delays that result from miscommunication on site. Bridgit boasts the title of the only Canadian company building mobile tech to better connect onsite and offsite teams.

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News on Bridgit

Bridgit Delivers Pizza and Results to Toronto Construction Sites
To celebrate the launch of their company’s namesake deficiency management platform, Kitchener's Bridgit visited construction sites throughout downtown Toronto today delivering a free pizza... more
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2013 Canadian Startup Awards Nominee Bridgit Appifies Constructive Criticism
Bridgit is a 2013 Canadian Startup Awards nominee in the Accelerator Gradudate of the Year category. The company's app is a laser-focused technological solution for an otherwise tech-averse... more

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Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada