Bruze Inc.

Bruze Inc.

Bruze is a boutique web development agency specializing in: web/app/mobile development + design, marketing services, web accessibility analysis and compliance, Liferay CMS implementation, and competitive research and analysis

There are two different kinds of fighters; boxers and brawlers.

Brawlers just swing. They may swing hard, but they'll swing at anything. It's all pretty random. Boxers are a very different animal. Boxing is about sound training, fundamental techniques, and strategy - it's called "the sweet science" for a reason.

We adhere to the same principles at Bruze. Backed by award-winning work and years of experience, Bruze has mastered the sweet science of marketing. In your corner, we can help you leave an impression with:

Our team is the best there is; gifted developers, brilliant designers, sharp product analysts, astute media buyers and tenacious publicists. We have the talent and the savvy to meet your evolving business objectives and provide your clients with an engaging, lasting experience.

IT Consulting, Internet Marketing, Web Design & Development

702 - 130 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada