Burstn is a real-time photo sharing service for the web and mobile devices. You just download the app and starting snapping photos. We send your photos at the time of capture to Burstn.com so you can share them with friends on Burstn, Facebook, and Twitter without thinking. You can connect your social media account on Burstn.com in your user settings. As well, you can use it just to store your personal photos in real-time by turning sharing off.

Burstn allows you to follow friends on your device or on the web. Follow other users and see their photos pop up in real-time on your burstn account online or on your phone.


News on Burstn

Toronto startups gather to discuss the future of mobile technology
Day one of Social Media Week in Toronto featured an afternoon event focused exclusively on the trends and local startups that are impacting the mobile space today. The panel discussion entitled... more
Graduation time at Digital Media Zone
Although it's only November, there are two Ryerson "students" that are graduating: Burstn and TeamSave.  Part of Ryerson's Digital Media Zone (DMZ), Burstn and TeamSave are embarking on their... more
Three new startups introduced at SproutUp Toronto
Wednesday night saw the return of SproutUp to Toronto after a summer hiatus.  This event saw three Toronto-based startups introduce their business to the Toronto startup community. The first... more
Burstn at the Toronto International Film Festival
Photography past met photography future last night at Caitlin Cronenberg’s Red, a NY Times Canadian Photo Archive preview exhibition hosted by TOROmagazine.com.  Documenting the event... more
Share Your Pictures in Real Time with Burstn
Isn't it frustrating to share many pictures from cool events and parties on your social media profiles? Joshua Davey and Dave Senior, solve that problem. They recently announced the launch of their... more

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