When the founders of made their observations on how the world is moving at an unprecedented pace driven by the internet and e-commerce, the idea of giving consumers and businesses the ability to buy a Tab online was born.

You call it a Restaurant Gift Card - we call it a Tab.


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Meet This University's Entrepreneur of the Year and His Successful Startup
Matias Marquez is Simon Fraser University's Entrepreneur of the Year for 2011. SFU's fourth annual award honoured Matias for founding, a company that provides digital gift card... more lets you send gift cards via smartphone, social networking, email
A Simon Fraser University student is finding success with a new wrinkle on the gift card idea — forget the card, but keep the gift. That’s the concept behind, an online... more
SFU & BCIT students launch
Looks like some local students are getting the entrepreneurial bug and following Global Student Entrepreneur Champ Milun Tesovic's lead. Student lead start-up was highlighted on SFU... more

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