BuzzBuzzHome’s mission is to give people the power to search, research and connect directly to new home developments.

Anyone looking to purchase a new home, directly from the developer, knows that the searching process is . . . frustrating . . . incomplete . . . inaccurate.

Sure, you can read newspapers and magazines looking for ads; sure, you can drive around neighbourhoods searching for presentation galleries and scouting A-Frames; sure, you can surf the internet looking for information only to find advertisements and inaccurate listing data.

If you have been in this situation, you know that there is no single online stop, where all of your research and due diligence needs can be met. BuzzBuzzHome has arrived to meet these needs!

BuzzBuzzHome was born out of the frustration we experienced when we were in similar situations. So, instead of complaining, we are turning the complex and frustrating process of shopping for new homes into an experience that is fun, informative, collaborative, and easy!

With BuzzBuzzHome you can search by price, city, neighbourhood, or maintenance fees. You can save these searches. And, you can ask us to send you an alert each time new and relevant information becomes available.

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