Bvocalized is headquartered in beautiful city of Vancouver in British Columbia with satellite offices in USA and South Asia. The company is formed by a team of seasoned knowledge professionals and CRM veterans with extensive experience in combining IT solutions with globally distributed expert human resource. We specialize in building well managed service delivery methodology over networks and wireless devices in combination with our proprietary application platform.

Bvocalized services revolve around the assumption that life is dynamic and people are on the move all the time, there are occasions when we need answers to urgent questions, we may need help in getting certain tasks done that got missed out or there can be unforeseen situations that require outside assistance right away. This is where Bvocalized provides 24x7 reliable virtual assistance service of convenience to help you find answers from experts or do your task on order when all you have is mobile phone and a situation that cannot wait.

Bvocalized service model is focused on providing serious answers to questions that requires due diligence and expertise in searching, extracting and organizing information into knowledge. Unlike voluntary social collaborative community networks our model works around more controlled, quality assured reliable and informative environment.

Secretarial services of convenience are executed in a professional manner under close supervision of well trained supervisors, trainers and senior quality assurance managers.


News on Bvocalized

Bvocalized Systems gives the web a voice
Vancouver-based Bvocalized Systems Inc, which term itself a “voice powered virtual assistance” company, has introduced a new way to access web information hands-free via voice commands.... more

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