Camp Tech

Camp Tech

Camp Tech offers practical, professional tech skills training in a fun & friendly environment.

Our relaxed, informative, & hands-on classes in downtown Toronto are for anyone curious to learn more about technology.

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Events Hosted by Camp Tech

SEO: How to Drive More Traffic to your Website
We all want to drive more traffic to our websites, but how can we do it without having to spend money? In SEO: How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website we unveil the tools and insider tricks to... more
Illustrator for Beginners
Adobe Illustrator is a remarkably powerful program used by artists and graphic designers to create scalable graphics for print and web. Illustrator is used to to build everything from simple icons,... more
The Business of Blogging
Are you a newbie blogger? Or maybe you're stuck in a rut where you write for hours only to get free swag? This highly engaging class will take you beyond the basics of Blogging 101 and will answer... more
Desktop Publishing with InDesign
Stop making your posters, postcards and brochures in Microsoft Publisher! Learn to use the software that pro designers use: Adobe InDesign. In this introductory level class, Adobe Certified Expert... more
Writing Killer Web Content
Killer web content can help you achieve your website's desired results – whether that's more sales, more signups, or more visitors. But before you've put pen (or cursor, if you like) to page, you... more
WordPress for Beginners
Learn how to build a website using WordPress: the popular blog and website publishing software. Whether you're trying to set up a simple website for your small business, a personal blog, or perhaps... more
Camp Tech - Photoshop for Beginners
Do you wish your images looked more professional? Adobe Photoshop can be a bit intimidating for a beginner, but it doesn't have to be. In this workshop, Tiz Beretta will show how easy it can be to... more
Intro to Google Analytics
Want to know the secret to making your website better than your competition's? It's not the code, it's not your online marketing, it's not even your design. Successful businesses spend time... more
Camp Tech - Taking and Sharing Better Smartphone Photos
It's often said that the best camera you have is the one that's with you, and that's likely to be your smartphone. In this fun and hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to take better photos with... more

News on Camp Tech

Camp Tech Expands to Vancouver to Teach Average People Technical Tools
With a female entrepreneur at its helm, Camp Tech is expanding its tech training workshops to the West Coast. Unlike other tech training programs in Canada, Camp Tech is for the average person,... more

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