Canadian Investment Network

Canadian Investment Network

The Canadian Investment Network is an online matching service connecting Canadian entrepreneurs with business investors from Canada and the United States looking for profitable business opportunities.

The Canadian Investment Network helps find funding for both startups and established businesses looking to expand. Our investors consists of angel investors, venture capital companies, hedge funds, commercial loan providers, investment brokers, and successful business people looking for investment opportunities. We are a matching service only so if any investors are interested in discussing your proposal it is the responsibility of the entrepreneur and investor to conduct due diligence.

The process of finding funding is facilitated by having a business plan and financials to back up your investment pitch as anyone considering investing in your business will generally want more information than is provided in an investment pitch entered on our site. The purpose of the investment pitch is to find investors who are willing to talk to you further about you and your business plan to determine if the investment is right for them. The process does not take place overnight although it is facilitated if you have proper investment related documents to forward to potential investors.

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