Carbon Grove

Carbon Grove

Carbon Grove™ lets you sign up for reminders for small things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.

Climate change is a problem that af­fects everyone on our planet. As is often the case with problems of this magnitude, it’s hard to feel like one person can make a difference. In reality however, every little bit helps. Carbon Grove can help you make your small contribution to fixing things and hopefully also help you show others that you care.

We want to thank the folks on the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft. As you work to reduce your carbon footprint and your Carbon Grove tree, Windows Internet Explorer will help make that virtual tree a reality. In partnership with a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration, Windows Internet Explorer will sponsor the planting of up to 250,000 real trees in deforested regions around the globe.

Users simply need to visit their tree once a week and watch it grow. You can visit your tree by clicking on the link in the convenient weekly email reminder. After six weeks of your carbon reducing efforts, Windows Internet Explorer will sponsor the planting of a real tree.


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