Carebook is changing the way healthcare is delivered around the world. It is an innovative internet-based technology that combines personal health records with advanced functionality in order to actively assess, monitor and guide individuals and their families towards better health and wellness.

Carebook was founded as an independent organization in 2012 after an 8-year collaborative effort with the Copeman Healthcare Centres – a decision made to accelerate the development of the technology. The first version of Carebook was released in 2006. It was one of the first Personal Health Record technologies released in Canada, and represented one of the first efforts in the world to move beyond simply giving people information in their doctor’s record keeping system. As a real health management system, it used advanced technology to take that information and guide people towards better health based on the latest medical thinking.

Carebook’s mission is to contribute meaningfully to the wellness and longevity of people by empowering them with personalized information on health risk reduction, fostering professional collaboration in their care and treatment, and optimizing the power of modern technology to assist them in achieving their health goals based on the most current scientific evidence.

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