cebas Visual Technology Inc.

cebas Visual Technology Inc.

cebas Visual Technology Inc. is a privately held software company and headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It employs developers and other personnel in Australia, Chile, and Canada.

The company offers a broad range of production solutions for 3D VFX (visual effects) studios, CAD, and visualization design companies, as well as 3D laser scanning services. cebas technologies are unique and market leading, since they are frequently developed in conjunction with major motion pictures aiming to dazzle their audiences with the latest in special effects.

cebas software is used in award winning movie productions, games and architectural design. It allows users to achieve realistic, innovative and compelling visual effects that are scientifically accurate and engineered entirely based on physics. cebas software drives critical VFX scenes in major motion pictures like "Spiderman 3", "2012", "Alice and Wonderland" and the upcoming “Sucker Punch”.

cebas partners mainly with Autodesk and rides on the company’s industry standard 3D software. Autodesk has been incorporating cebas technologies into their offerings for years. Also, cebas was the first in the business to introduce training videos with its software, well before e-learning became wide-spread.

cebas regularly exhibits at SIGGRAPH, the main industry trade show, and is a regular contributor in the leading online VFX forums. Being part of these communities has been critical to the worldwide success of the company's offerings.


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