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Your website is your online identity. It’s important that it’s friendly and reflects your brand positively. We build the website for you and take care of all the details including host setup, domain configuration, website design, email accounts, and much more!

Our services don't stop at just complete website setup and configuration, we'll go through leaps and bounds to ensure that you meet your online goals.

Whether you're a new business, or have been in business for years, Chalifour Solutions is the first step to getting a stellar online presence.

At Chalifour Solutions, we don't have static packages because we realize that each and every project is unique. We present quotes, not packages.

We offer a complete 360º Solution for small business owners, because we realize that you are busy with your customers. Chalifour Solutions is a full-service IT support company. Whether you need a single website, or an on-call IT department, we've got IT covered.

Upkeep, Domains, and Hosting
"From the early steps of planning to the milestones following your companies success, Chalifour Solutions will be with you every step of the way."

We offer complete website upkeep services, domain registration, and hosting. All part of our website development services. As the saying goes, "Anything you need, we've got IT covered".

Client Testimonials
"Our community website had a wonderful “make-over”, thanks to Chalifour Solutions. They were very knowledgeable in helping us make a smooth transition from old to new. Their suggestions for change were exactly what we were looking for in an updated, user-friendly site. Their patience and guidance were appreciated, and their technical knowledge was reassuring. We know we can count on Chalifour Solutions for any future inquiries or issues. Thank you!"
-Alana Boutin, Publicity Director, Burnewood Community League

"Working with Chalifour Solution is great as they makes complex things seem very simple. They are also very creative and can program things you might not have thought possible in a very short period of time. I would be glad to recommend Chalifour Solutions to anyone who needs help with pretty much any computer issue."
-Dirk Scholten, Owner, Scollard Maintenance Ltd.

"We are very happy with Chalifour Solutions & our website.
It is a pleasure to do business and work with them. They have the savvy and knowledge to get it done right."
-Neil Walsten, Owner, Walsten Aircraft

"Chalifour Solutions has more than proven that they are capable of handling the web presence and IT concerns that modern businesses require."
-Janssen Olthoff, Old Scona Masonry

What’s your project? Get in touch and purse your online goals!

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