CitySpeek is a micro-messaging service that allows you to stay in contact with your friends, co-workers, teammates and customers through an efficient means of communication.

CitySpeek is different than other micro-messaging services in many ways. CitySpeek encourages communication in communities by offering a rich user experience. Messages (‘speek’s as we like to call them) can include integrated pictures or video and are sent as one of six different categories. CitySpeek also utilizes both public and private groups to help you better organize with like minded people. CitySpeek also updates a real time map of speeks from around the world so you can see what’s going on in your city.


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CitySpeek hopes to appeal to Twitter-phobic
Scared to jump head-first into Twitter? Buried under a boring Twitter stream? CitySpeek wants to hear you 'speek'! CitySpeek is a Portland-based micro-messaging service that launched a soft beta in... more

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