Civi-Side was conceived by 2nd Lt Ken Seville, a reservist with 23 (Hamilton) Svc Bn. Ken recruited Jamie Smith, a friend and web developer from McMaster University (where both graduated from) to be a technical partner. Initial seed funding for the prototype came from our incoming Honourary Lt. Col. Kevin Reed.

With that said, it's more important to explain why the service was conceived. Ken saw many of his reserve colleagues having their military career either hindered or shortened because they were working for civilian employers that weren't supportive of the reserve.

Ken did some research and found that 40% of the reserves were students. He realized that if a service existed that helped these student reservists find work with an employer that was reserve-friendly; many of them would progress further, and stay longer in the military. The necessary focus of was clear.

Forward a few months from initiating the web development and you find the service you are now visiting. This is only the beginning. We are going to bring you some incredible tools to share with employers how your military service has shaped you into a better candidate for the jobs they are hiring for. After all, you are more reliable, team-oriented, and hardworking than the average new grad coming out of school.

If you are a mature reservists, or retired/retiring Reg. Force member, you haven't been left off the battlefield. We have expanded the service to provide the same opportunities for you also. Post a resume and expect the job postings to roll in.

Well that's it for now. Feel free to leave feedback for us on any aspects of the site, or ideas on how to improve the service. For your convenience we have placed "Feedback" buttons on every webpage.


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