ClearSky Systems

ClearSky Systems

ClearSky Systems was founded in April 2007 by three guys from Seattle with a passion for software and a vision for changing the way people teach and learn.

We started ClearSky because we realized the classroom is one of the few things in our society that has been virtually unaffected by computers and the Internet. Students who attend classes today get about the same experience their grandparents did: a teacher writing on the board, while students try to scribble down as much information as they possibly can.

Schools and various companies spend countless amounts of money trying to bring classrooms into the modern age, with little success. The exact reason is debatable, to be sure. Some blame apathy, some say people are afraid of change, but we think the problem isn't with people, it's with software.

Fact is, current software aimed at the classroom offers few, if any, advantages over chalkboards, pencils, and paper. After working with educational software for more than 14 years as both students and technology specialists at the University of Washington, this has become quite clear to us.

That's why we've dedicated ClearSky to creating technology that makes learning more effective and enjoyable than ever before. We also believe in creating software anyone can afford, because access to the best learning tools on the planet shouldn't be limited to a select few.


5014 8th Ave NE
Seattle, Washington, United States