File sharing is instant and seamless with Collabomatic.

Add files, remove files, rename or edit them: everyone you work with will be on the same page. You can share files with anyone, anywhere. It's easy and fast:

1. Create a shared folder with one click.
2. Invite your colleagues to participate. Give full access or reader-only access.
3. Copy your files to your shared folder, or save them there from your applications.

That's all. Every person you invite gets the same shared folder with the same contents.

You can have as many different shared folders as you want, and each one can have different participants.

Changes are copied to all participants automatically. You can view past revisions of files, see who made changes, and restore the file to a previous version.

Work with data online or offline, on one computer or several. All copies stay consistent.

Concentrate on your project, not on distributing files!


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