Collectionbuddy is a new collaborative online resource and a social network which enables pro, amateur and aspiring collectors to capture, catalog and share their treasures; interact with other enthusiasts; and discover new collectibles to acquire.

Collectionbuddy embraces a unique architecture that combines the best of object classification, search, social networking and Wiki technologies. Our database is an evolving and growing searchable online catalog of collectibles that includes almost 21,000 catalogued items to date across more than 1,200 groups – ranging from action figures and bobbleheads to perfume compacts and snow globes.

When you upload pictures of your collectibles to Collectionbuddy, you are contributing to building the world’s largest online archive of collectibles. And as you search and browse the website, you’ll quickly realize that each one of your unique collectibles are a part of a larger collection, cataloged by collectors just like you.

For a collector, the search for more collectables will not end until their collection is complete. Due to our ever-growing database of collectibles and our expanding community, Collectionbuddy gives you, the collector, the tools needed in order to check the completeness of your collection.

Even if you are new to collecting, Collectiobuddy is a great place to get started! With the vast resources and experts all gathered in one location, you can learn what it takes to become a top notch collector and start your own collection! Every day Collectionbuddy is bringing the vast global collecting community together; here, you’ll become an expert!


News on Collectionbuddy

Brightspark 3.0 launches Collectionbuddy
Brightspark Ventures departed from their traditional VC roots yesterday and launched Collectionbuddy through Brightspark 3.0 Inc.  Collectionbuddy is a social network that enables collectors... more

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