Compass Engine

Compass Engine

Compass Engine are a Vancouver company that builds the world's best location based games.

Wireless, Mobile, Gaming, Startup

News on Compass Engine

Compass Engine acquired by Jason Bailey's East Side Games
Today Vancouver's Compass Engine announced that it has been acquired by local games studio East Side Games. Established in 2009 by Ben Hesketh and McElroy Flavelle, Compass Engine started out... more
Gaming consoles are dinosaurs - or are they? Find out on May 12th
Think gaming consoles are dinosaurs? This event is for you. Think gaming consoles are far from extinct? This event is also for you. With names like Michael Fergusson, CEO of Ayogo, and J. Joly,... more
Location-based games just wanna have fun
In McElroy Flavelle’s mind, his location-based game is the only one in town, literally. That’s because he doesn’t see any location-based “games” at all. To him, the... more
Demo Camp Wrap-Up. Part 1
The Vancouver technology start-up community converged for DemoCamp 11 – Back to Basics Edition last night as entrepreneurs got the chance to present their big idea to the audience (and via... more

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