Coredova is a document management and distribution solution that lets users directly and securely send people files without cluttering their inboxes. Users simply create a campaign of files or links they want to broadcast, and then invite others to view their campaign. Once an invited person accepts the invitation and downloads the Coredova app, they can easily access files or links within a couple clicks from their desktop.

What makes Coredova different is that it works by putting together a ‘campaign’, or a collection of files, and then inviting others to view that content. In addition, any time you change a file in your campaign, that update is automatically pushed to everyone you have invited - so you know everyone has the most current information.

Coredova is ideal for small and medium sized businesses, groups and organizations who need to securely share documents such as reports, white papers, newsletters, research and more. Coredova is a fast, user-friendly way to ensure people have the latest versions of whatever digital content you want to provide, and to measure their interaction with that content. As a result, Coredova provides a one-stop source to easily access to the latest document.

Customers continue to rely on Coredova to realize the following benefits:
• Save time: streamline and shorten internal business processes, spend less time on managing documents for distribution
• Save money: no costly mistakes from working with outdated documents
• Regain control: less confusion within teams since everything you need is in one place
• Improved communication (internal and external): ease of use makes sharing information with groups a pleasure not a chore
• Increased security: more secure distribution to the people you trust
• Fast ROI: see a return on investment in months, not years


News on Coredova

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