Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa

A friend of ours mentioned to us that he longed for the day when many in-store coupons would be available on the iPhone. We thought that was a good idea and set out to make it a reality.

First, we checked to see if printable coupons found on the internet would be accepted in stores. We discovered that the printable coupons were honored over 90% of the time by showing the cashier the coupon on our iPhone.

We also learned that coupons with barcodes would scan using optical scanners (the latest technology in barcode scanning). When the barcodes wouldn’t scan (because the stores had older scanners) the cashiers would just type in the barcode numbers and we’d get the discount.

Then we contacted all of the merchants we could and told them what we were up to. They loved the idea and many gave us exclusive coupons for Coupon Sherpa.

After adding a bunch of cool features our friend was stoked with Coupon Sherpa. We think you will be to.

Use Coupon Sherpa once and you’ll probably make your money back and impress your coupon-clipping mother-in-law.


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