CREZ Basketball Systems

CREZ Basketball Systems

CREZ Basketball Systems Inc. (CBSI) is a leading provider of sports information technologies and services for collecting, managing and distributing sports content for athletic and media organizations. Currently, the company has positioned itself to serve the global sport of basketball.

CREZ is used by basketball coaches at high school, collegiate, and professional ranks throughout North America and Europe as well as statistics content providers and player recruiting companies.

Whether it is a Coach strategically planning for the next game, an Assistant Coach creating a player promotional video, a Video Coordinator tagging game video, or a Media Promoter highlighting online team statistics, CBSI provides easy-to-use time savers for use all levels of play. The CREZ basketball product line is changing how teams review their player's performance by encompassing video, statistics, and scouting capabilities into a single platform.

CBSI provides the only software designed exclusively for basketball and provides scoring, video, statistics, play diagramming, scouting, and webcasting in one single offering.


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