CrowdFanatic Online Inc

CrowdFanatic Online Inc

CrowdFanatic is the first online confrontation platform.

CrowdFanatic is the first ‘Online Confrontation Platform’ – a global arena and set of tools for group members to support their group, oppose their rivals and to shift public opinion to their side. With CrowdFanatic we present a new genre of online services to enhance Group Identity, motivate social activism and stimulate democratic dialog.

CrowdFanatic is poised to become the focal point of any major group-oriented cyber war. Whether it’s Democrats vs. Republicans, US vs. Iran, Apple vs. Google, Celtics vs. Lakers or Kanye West vs. Taylor swift, our platform enables users to promote their group’s agenda, oppose their rivals, recruit new supporters and mass distribute their pro/con messages over the internet. By doing so our users promote themselves as the leading opinion leaders of their cause and change the outcomes of online public discussions.

Launch - March 2011


News on CrowdFanatic Online Inc

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