You can read about what’s happening on Twitter, Crowdreel let’s you see it.

Crowdreel is the best way to explore and share pictures posted on Twitter. With hundreds of photos uploaded every minute, Crowdreel delivers real-time access to the images posted on Twitter and lets you search, share and add context to pictures in your existing Twitter network.

No more sifting through links or missing out on the visual content buried in your feeds. Crowdreel combs through the tweet stream to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s your favourite celebrity, a big news event or what your friends are up to.

PS: Twitter users are automatically content creators on Crowdreel. Users can sign in with an existing Twitter account and instantly see the photos they have posted, as well as what the people they follow have shared. If you aren't using Twitter -- don't worry. Crowdreel let's you browse and uncover the same great stuff, without limits. Enjoy!


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Twitter + Pictures =
Ever wonder why someone hasn't created a way to easily search twitpics and other pictures posted through Twitter?  How about a Twitter client which just focuses on pictures on Twitter? ... more

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