Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is an independent public organization that regulates and supervises the Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications systems.

The CRTC does not regulate newspapers, magazines, cell phone rates, the quality of service and business practices of cell phone companies, or the quality and content of TV and radio programs.

As an independent organization, the CRTC works to serve the needs and interests of citizens, industries, interest groups and the government.

The CRTC reports to Parliament through the Minister of Canadian Heritage.


News on Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

Rogers Blames CRTC for 17% Drop in Profits
Rogers posted a 17% drop in quarterly profit this week. The Canadian telecommunications giant is blaming recent decisions by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission for... more
Ontario's Largest Newspaper Publisher Pays CRTC $240,000 Fine for Unsolicited Telemarketing
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission today announced that Metroland Media Group has paid $240,000 as part of a settlement over violations of the Unsolicited... more
Cord Cutting Continues in Canada as Cable Companies Lose Thousands More Customers
Canada’s large cable and satellite providers have had another year of declining subscriber numbers. The seven largest cable, satellite and IPTV providers lost a total of over 24,000... more
CRTC Finally Takes Serious Steps Toward Unbundling Canadian Television Channels
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is working toward a bundle-free future for Canadian television watchers. With so-called "cord-cutting" Canadians ditching cable at... more
CRTC Dismisses Complaint from Telus, Bell About Exclusivity of Rogers' GamePlus App
Today the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission dismissed a complaint from Telus and Bell which stated that Rogers Media was granting undue preference to its subscribers by... more
CRTC Issues $1.1 Million Penalty to Compu-Finder for Spamming Canadians
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission's (CRTC's) Chief Compliance and Enforcement Officer today issued a Notice of Violation to Compu-Finder, which includes a penalty of... more
CRTC Fines Telelisting $260,000 for Breaking Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission announced today that Telelisting will pay $260,000 in monetary penalties as part of a settlement for violations of the Unsolicited... more
Could CRTC Decision on Rogers, Bell Dispute Impact Netflix?
When Rogers revealed its streaming hockey package in early September it came with a catch, in order to watch the 1,000-plus games online customers had to have a traditional cable or satellite... more
Canadians Paying Nearly $200 per Month for Communications Services
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission today released its 2014 Communications Monitoring Report, which shows that Canadian families spend over $190 each month on... more
39% of Canadians Now Use Tablets
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission this week released information on the telecommunications sector from the 2014 Communications Monitoring Report. The report shows... more
CRTC Issues First Wireless Code Report Card
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has issued its first Wireless Code Implementation Report Card. The "report card" judges how Canada's telcos have done so far in... more
CRTC Says Rogers Engaged in 'Unjust Discrimination' Against Startups in Wireless Market
The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission has singled out Rogers for "unjust discrimination" toward startups in Canada's wireless market. The report by the CRTC... more
CRTC Wants to Address Outrageous Paper Bill Fees Charged by Canadian Telcos
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission this week announced that it will host a meeting with telecommunications and broadcasting distribution companies to discuss the... more
Number of Traditional Pay TV Subscriptions in Canada Drops - for the First Time Ever
The number of Canadians who subscribe to traditional pay television services, such as cable, satellite and IPTV, appears to have dropped last year, according to the Canadian Radio-television and... more
CRTC Says Canadian News Channels Must be Offered to All Cable Customers
Today, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission announced new measures designed to ensure Canadians can receive a range of Canadian television news services—and will... more
CRTC Wireless Code Officially Comes into Force
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission today marked the coming into force of its wireless code, which enables Canadians to cancel their contracts at no cost after a maximum... more
BlackBerry Founder and CRTC Head Among List of Most Powerful Canadians
This week, Maclean's magazine listed the 50 most important and powerful people in Canada. Maclean's in this context compiled the Power List "with three broad concepts in mind: institutional clout,... more
Canada's 28 Million Wireless Subscribers Pay Average of $61 per Month: CRTC
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission this week released its very thorough annual Communications Monitoring Report, which details the progression of wireless adoption and... more
CRTC to Take Deep Look at Canada's Television Industry
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is launching a major review of the rules that govern Canada's television industry for the first time since 1993. Both consumers... more
CRTC Finally Makes Cellphone Contracts Last Only Two Years
At long last, Canadians will be able to cancel their wireless contracts without penalties after two years. Today, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission unveiled a new... more
Does Canada Still Need Payphones?
Does Canada still need payphones? It's a question that most will answer instantly and definitively "yes!" or "no!" to. Which is why the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications... more
CRTC Adding New Area Code to BC in June
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is adding a new area code to all of BC in response to the increasing demand for new phone numbers in the province. The new area... more
Complaints About Internet Throttling in Canada Reach All-Time High
Consumer complaints regarding internet throttling reached an all-time high in Canada last year, a new report reveals. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission this week... more
Canadian Politician Pushes for a Wireless Sector with 'Real' Competition
Marc Garneau, who is gunning for position atop Canada's Liberal party, has taken a firm and pro-consumer stance on our nation's wireless sector. In a statement posted on his website, the retired... more
Rogers Continues to Blast Loud Commercials, Breaking CRTC's Rules Over and Over Again
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission this year introduced rules that require broadcasters to keep their commercial volumes down to the same level as their regular... more
CRTC Opens Online Forum for Canadians to Discuss National Wireless Code
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission really does seem like a different organization these days. The national regulator last month said it would elicit Canadians'... more
Wind Mobile Launches Canadian Mobile Bill of Rights
Discount wireless carrier Wind Mobile has launched an initiative called the Canadian Mobile Bill of Rights. Housed on Facebook, the so-called "bill of rights" is aimed at eliciting the opinions of... more
Shaw and Corus May Abandon Merger Hopes Following CRTC's Block of Bell-Astral Deal
Shaw Communications and Corus Entertainment this week downplayed speculation that the two companies would merge. The rumour of the two joining forces more intimately surfaced earlier this year, but... more
Online Campaign Launches to Spur CRTC's Crucial Review Process
Vancouver-based online activist group OpenMedia has launched an online campaign to spur the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission into making Canada's wireless industry more... more
CRTC Wants Canadian Consumers to Help Save the Wireless Industry
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is seeking feedback from Canadian consumers on how to make our nation's wireless industry a better place. The national regular... more
Three Companies Join Forces to Bring 3G Cellular Network to Canada's Far North
Ice Wireless and Iristel this week announced a partnership with Huawei Canada to enter into a multi-year, multi-million contract to provide 3G cellular services to rural and remote communities in... more
CRTC Report: Canadians Are More Connected Than Ever
Earlier this week the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) issued its annual Communications Monitoring Report providing an overview of the Canadian communications... more
CRTC Report: Canadians are Consuming More Digital Content but TV and Radio Still Dominate
Earlier this week the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) issued its annual Communications Monitoring Report providing an overview of the Canadian communications... more
CRTC Creates New Position, the Chief Consumer Office, to Put Interests of Public at Heart of Policies
The Canadian-radio and Telecommunications Commission has created a new position. The national regulator now has a "chief consumer officer." The CRTC's first CCO will be Barbara Motzney. Barbara... more
The CRTC is Finally Shutting Up Loud Television Commercials
Ever watch a television show at the perfect volume and then have it cut to commercials, only to sound twice as loud? You're far from alone: TV commercials are infamous for being noticeably louder... more
CRTC Gives Telus a Deadline to Prove Its Ownership Structure is Legal
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has given a deadline to Telus, requesting that the telecommunications company proves to the national regulator that its foreign... more
CRTC Axes Controversial Fee, Forces Television Providers to Trim Cable Costs for Canadian Consumers
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is phasing out the Local Programming Improvement Fund over the next two years. The fund included a highly controversial fee charged... more
The CRTC's New Chairman is Nothing Like the Last One
With an organization like the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, the chairperson wields tremendous influence. And with an organization like the CRTC, that influence... more
Prime Minister Stephen Harper Appoints Jean-Pierre Blais as Chairman of the CRTC
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced the appointment of Jean-Pierre Blais as the Chairperson of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, effective June 18. He will... more
Attention, Canada: Is Your Internet Really as Fast as it Should Be?
Your internet service provider claims to offer this many megabits per second download speed. You buy their internet. You never, ever get that fast of internet. This seems to be an all-too-common... more
CBC Patronizes Women with Sexist 'While the Men Watch' Alternate Commentary for Stanley Cup Final
The CBC is already facing some heat this week for neglecting its fellow Canadian company, RIM. Now it's taking flack from women who are denouncing its "While the Men Watch" alternate commentary for... more
CRTC Searches for Sustainable Solution to Telecommunications Needs of Disabled Canadians
The Canadan Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission continues its search for a "sustainable solution" to the telecommunications needs of Canadians with hearing and speech disabilities.... more
Will This Veteran Ottawa Insider Take Over the CRTC? Let's Hope Not
The federal government is on the verge of finally announcing a new chairman for the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to take over from Konrad von Finckenstein. Industry... more
Canadian Government Wants Telemarketers to Pay for 'Do Not Call' Enforcement
Canada's federal government wants to force telemarketers to pay for the costly enforcement of the national Do Not Call List. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission... more
Victory for Wind: Globalive Defeats CRTC and Public Mobile After Years-Long Court Battle
It was a long-winded legal battle. But Wind won. Today, the Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge from the CRTC and discount carrier Public Mobile to a government decision that allows... more
Ontario Government Wants to Allow Cellphone Users to Cancel Contracts at Any Time with Minimal Penalties
In Canada, cellphone contracts are painfully long and nearly impossible to escape from early without severe penalties. The Ontario government wants to change this. Ontario is vowing to bolster... more
Telus Leads an Army of Television Providers to Wage War Against Bell
Telus isn't too pleased with Bell's recent $3-billion acquisition of Astral Media, among other issues. And neither are a smattering of smaller cable companies across Canada. Telus is leading an... more
The CRTC's Do Not Call List May Be Cancelled Due to 'Funding Challenges'
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission's Do Not Call List is facing critical "funding challenges." The national program, which helps protect Canadians from telephone... more
The Super Bowl and the Battle for the Second Screen
Bell Canada has been fighting with the CRTC over deals the company has made to broadcast NHL hockey and NFL football games exclusively to its own wireless subscribers. The CRTC ruled in December... more
Leonard Katz Appointed Interim Chairman of CRTC
The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission has appointed vice-chairman Leonard Katz to interm chairman today, as expected. The five-year term of prior chairman Konrad von... more
CRTC Chairman Konrad von Finckenstein Has Left the Building; Leonard Katz Expected to Take Helm
Konrad von Finckenstein, the chairman of the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, has officially left the building. His five-year term at the CRTC expired yesterday and... more
Regulators: Bell is Cheating
The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission has found BCE Inc., AKA Bell Canada, in breach of rules. It's been revealed that the major Canadian telco has been giving access to... more
CRTC Reveals Decision: We Will Not Implement Usage-Based Billing
The CRTC has released its landmark decision on usage-based billing. The national regulator has determined that internet metering is not an appropriate system to implement at this time. The... more
CRTC to Finally Make Decision on Usage-Based Billing Tomorrow
Will independent internet service providers still be able to afford offering consumers unlimited data plans after tomorrow? It all boils down to tomorrow's decision by the Canadian... more
The CRTC will co-chair a new international enforcement network to eradicate unwanted telemarketers
Canada has had a National Do Not Call List since September 2008. Now, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission will be co-chairing a new, international enforcement network... more
The CRTC Prepares to Lay Down the Law on the World's Worst Internet Throttler
Canadians—gamers in particular—have been furious with Rogers over its Internet throttling practices, which were recently exposed as being the worst in the entire world. Today, progress... more
CRTC decides to hold off regulating online TV
The CRTC has released the results of a fact finding exercise responding to claims from several Cable companies that the Over the Top (Internet Delivered) TV services should be held to the same... more
The search is on for CRTC's next chairperson
Konrad von Finckenstein, current chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, has launched a process to find his replacement. His five-year term ends in January,... more
CRTC issues guidelines for dealing with complaints about ISPs throttling speeds
Today, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission issued guidelines on how it will deal with complaints about Internet service providers slowing down certain types of... more
CRTC’s New Vertical Integration Rules Won’t Stop the Price-Gouging, OpenMedia says
The CRTC’s decision on vertical integration today is nothing more than a "half-measure," according toO While the examination of vertical integration was an important step in... more
In 2011, 2 Million Canadians Will Have Chosen To Ditch Their Land-Lines
According to a new report by The Convergence Consulting Group, by the end of 2011, one in seven households will have abandoned their land-line in favour of a mobile phone.  The report,... more
CRTC to Rogers: Stop throttling the speed of online games or we'll hurt you
The CRTC has officially told Rogers to devise a plan by month's end wherein the telco ceases throttling speeds for online gamers or it's apt to face penalties. The plan is due on September 27th.... more
'No rules whatsoever': Netflix should be subject to same regulations as broadcasters, industry veteran argues
Astral Media says that foreign, internet-based competitors like Netflix should be subject to the same rules and regulations that apply to Canadian broadcasters. Astral CEO Ian Greenberg says... more
Google launches Canadian online movie service to compete with Netflix
Google is going head-to-head with Netflix in Canada by launching a YouTube-based movie rental service. Known simply as YouTube Movies, the service which launched in the US earlier this year, is now... more
Online gamers complain to CRTC over internet providers throttling speeds
The Canadian Gamers Organization has filed a complaint with the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission over suspicions that internet providers are throttling speeds for online... more
CRTC cracks the whip on GoodLife Fitness: $300,000 fine for telemarketing violation
The CRTC cracked the whip on GoodLife Fitness, fining the fitness centre chain $300,000 for bad telemarketing practices. GoodLife was caught using automated calling devices to solicit members... more
Canada's wireless startups snag a quarter of all new subscribers but still have a long way to go: Report
Startup wireless carriers like Wind and Mobilicity and capturing one in four new subscribers, according to a report by the CRTC, but they still have a long way to go. Public Mobile, Videtron,... more
CRTC brings hammer down on Rogers, who pays $300K in fines for phone spam
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission today announced that it has reached a settlement with Rogers Communications over its use of "automated calling devices" - aka... more
CRTC actually does something right for once, simplifying the process of changing providers
In a rare consumer-friendly movie, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has declared that it has simplified the process for Canadians looking to change providers for... more
CRTC fails to address the root cause of rising internet fees
Today, the CRTC turned down an opportunity to address the framework that led to the installation of fees for Internet use. The national media regulator denied the requests of independent... more
What each political party is saying about UBB and Net Neutrality
There’s a lot of talk around Ottawa about a possible spring election and whether Canadians want one or not, it’s probably going to happen. To help make your voting decision a little... more
CRTC fails consumers once again by allowing Bell to purchase CTV
First Shaw purchased Global; yesterday, Bell purchased CTV. After obtaining permission from the CRTC, Bell purchased Canada’s largest media empire for $1.3 billion on Monday. As a condition... more
Tony Clement calls CRTC decision 'simply wrong' - but is his Twitter use wrong too?
In the Twitter space, Industry Minister Tony Clement is rather trigger-happy, regularly expressing his thoughts and opinions you'd except a politician to typically keep to himself. But our world... more
The CRTC may come back with same UBB decision after review - but the Government is ready
When it comes to the Internet, the worst fear harboured by Canadian consumers is that the CRTC will come back from its "review" of its usage-based billing decision and determine that it was, in... more
Communities across Canada to come together for Stop The Meter National Day of Action
After the CRTC made a decision that made the Internet less affordable and accessible, nearly half-a-million Canadians signed an online petition calling on Ottawa to “Stop The Meter”... more
Are the CRTC and CMPA about to devastate Netflix's hopes of succeeding in Canada?
As if Netflix doesn't have enough constrictions from low-cellinged internet plans laid out by the oligarchs that comprise Canada's telecom industry, NextWeb is reporting that Ottawa may very well... more
Wind Mobile's future is fragile as battle continues with Globalive, Government, CRTC
The Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, and Steven Blaney, Member of Parliament for Lévis-Bellechasse, today issued a statement regarding the Federal Court ruling on... more
Former CRTC chairwoman speaks up: government is 'disturbing,' UBB must happen
Former chairwoman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is speaking out. Francoise Bertrand, one of the CRTC's chairwoman and now president of the Federation of Quebec... more
Giga-gouging: Bell and Shaw want to charge you more for your Internet
Canada's major internet service providers want to charge you more for your internet usage. Despite Stephen Harper's government coming down on the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications... more
Two Vancouver companies collaborate to save the Internet
By now, everyone has heard of OpenMedia, the Vancouver-based organization that spearheaded the Stop the Meter campaign, which to date has collected more than 460,000 signatures.  And many... more
Ontario politician on Canadian telcos: 'Consumers are tired of being gouged by these companies'
Earlier this week we observed that Telus will now let eligible customers "unlock" their phones for a ludicrously overpriced fee of $50 (Rogers and Fido recently did the same). Ontario... more
Embattled Wind Mobile still determined to 'bring real change to the Canadian wireless marketplace'
In 2009, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission decided that Wind Mobile could not launch in Canada because the majority of its financial backing was from foreign sources.... more
The Next Chapter: CRTC announces how it will review its usage-based billing decision
(To check out the whole CRTC saga, click here.) The CRTC has detailed precisely how it will review its decision on allowing UBB for ISPs. This follows a dramatic finish to a public... more
Usage Based Billing - now this would be good if it applied to my cable bill!
“You should pay for what you use, ” says some form of logic. Perhaps even good logic. We pay for the water, gas, and electricity we use, why not bandwidth says the Canadian Telecom... more
The Great Usage-based Billing Fiasco: CRTC's saga in 13 chapters
Unless you've been living under a rock since November, you've heard of the great usage-based billing debacle—how the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission ruled in... more
Far From Over: The fate of Canada's telecom industry sits on a wobbly fence - and everyone is in danger
Canada's telecommunications industry has, more or less, always been in a state of unrest. Cries of corruption and oligopolies have bellowed out from the tongues of frustrated consumers for many... more
A Tale of 25 Gigabytes: What is the future of Internet usage for Canadians?
It's over. But is it really over? The obvious answer is no - it's never over. While negating the CRTC's decision was a positive move by the government and to the benefit of Canada and its... more
Four things we've learned from CRTC's usage-based billing debacle
It's over, thankfully. It ended as quickly as it began, and good thing too. The UBB debacle is resolved, and while questions remain about the future of Canada's telecom industry, for now we can... more
Confirmed: CRTC will repeal decision on UBB or Conservatives will do it for them
Some great news for opponents of usage-based billing by Canadian ISPs and fans of not getting screwed over — the federal Conservative Party has confirmed that they will either have the CRTC... more
War Rages On: Chairman of CRTC to face committee of MPs over UBB as petition sigs near 400,000
Konrad von Finckenstein, who is the chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, will face the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology tomorrow,... more
Stephen Harper: Yes, we'll review the CRTC's decision on usage-based billing
News of the backlash has at last reached Stephen Harper. Canada's Prime Minister today echoed Industry Minister Tony Clement's earlier sentiments that the CRTC's decision to implement usage-based... more
'Stop the Meter' petition explodes past 200k signatures, Canadian governments each take a stance
228,614. That is the rapidly growing number of people are who adamantly opposed the CRTC's decision to implement usage-based billing this March. The number reflects the signatures of a petition... more
Petition to stop usage-based billing reaches almost 190,000 signatures
It’s been said more than once that Canadians are notoriously apathetic when it comes to politics. Maybe the winter’s cold has numbed us to political intrigue, or maybe we simply have... more
Opponents to usage-based billing working to appeal CRTC decision
ISPs that plan to charge overage fees on consumers’ monthly Internet plans are going to have a whole lot of fight on their hands in the near future. A wide variety of individuals and... more
How usage based billing will affect you
A couple of weeks ago the CRTC made a valiant proclamation: “From hereon in, the company known as Bell may (by royal decree) charge people more money when they use more bandwidth.”... more
Internet service providers not happy with CRTC's competition-killing decision
Various internet service providers (ISPs) have joined forces in an effort to combat regulatory changes implemented by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) that the... more
Is the CRTC being too harsh on Bell?
This article was written by Kole McRae and originally published on Geek Juice. News broke recently that Bell Canada had been charged $1.3 million in fines by the CRTC. This fine was charged due to... more
City of Vancouver not too happy with CRTC's decision on Internet metering
The City of Vancouver is putting its foot down. In response to a decision by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) concerning usage-based billing for web access,... more
Should the CRTC regulate Netflix?
Shaw Colmmunications is saying that the CRTC should regulate companies like Netflix that provide videos and movies over the Internet, even though Netflix is not a broadcaster. From The Globe and... more
Want to complain about your telecom provider? Call CCTS
Complaining about their mobile service provider is a national pastime in Canada.  On a daily basis Canadians can be found on almost every social media site, comments sections of newspapers and... more
Bell tries to pull a fast one on customers, CRTC
When the CRTC ordered Bell, Telus and MTS to refund money to urban customers who were overcharged for phone service, they probably thought it would be seen as a punishment. Bell, on the other... more
Wind financier talks about the CRTC, telecom in Canada and what it means to have balls
Globalive, the telecom company that’s behind Wind Mobile, would not be possible without investment from Egyptian telecom/construction/IT/who-knows-what-else billionaire Naguib Sawiris. His... more
CRTC tells Canada's largest telecommunication providers to share fibre-optic networks
The CRTC ruled yesterday that Canada's largest telecommunication providers must open up their fibre-optic networks to wholesale retailers and provide them with the same service options that they... more
Telus fears 'serious implications' of Shaw's acquisition of Canwest, submits concerns to CRTC
Shaw's $2-billion purchase of Canwest Global Communication's broadcasting assets has cast a dark shadow over the industry, says Telus. They warn that Shaw's acquisition could lead to market power... more
CRTC launches new consultation on basic services
The Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission has launched a new public consultation on basic telecommunications services. The Consultation on Obligation to Serve aims to find out... more
CRTC says Globalive fails Canadian ownership test
Canada's telecom regulator has determined that Globalive does not meet Canadian ownership rules. Globalive is hoping to enter Canada's wireless industry as a new cellphone startup, however it is... more
CRTC lays down net neutrality ruling, doesn't go far enough say proponents
Following the hearings in July, the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission has released its ruling on net neutrality. The new ruling stipulates that Internet service providers... more
CRTC approves usage based billing to wholesale customers for Bell
The Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission has approved Bell's request to perform usage-based billing to wholesale customers through their Gateway Access Services on an interim... more
Cable company, broadcaster battle far from over following latest CRTC ruling
Every week Techvibes will be republishing an article from Business in Vancouver newspaper. This article was originally published in issue #1030 - July 21 - 27, 2009. Telus Corp. (TSX:T; NYSE:TU)... more
Bell defends traffic shaping to the CRTC
Bell Canada defended their Internet connection throttling practice to Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission at the final net neutrality hearing today, claiming the practice is... more
CRTC extends new media exemption
After several weeks of hearings and few more spent deliberating, the Canadian Radio Telecommunications Commission has decided to continue exempting new media broadcasting from regulation. That... more
CRTC in hot water over failed Do-Not-Call List
Have you noticed that you're receiving more call from US-based telemarketers since adding your number to Canada's do-not-call registry? Well it turns out Canada's highly touted do-not-call list is... more
CRTC Rules in Favour of Bell's Traffic Throttling Practices
In a move that could easily open the door for others to follow, the CRTC announced today that they ruled in favour of Bell Canada Inc.'s claim that internet speeds should be slowed down for its... more

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