CueSense is a newsfeed filter and trends site. CueSense filters the noise from users’ news feeds, offers summaries of hot topics, and provides cues when they search, shop, or learn on the web.

To identify trends, CueSense tracks rare and hot words used to tag shared content. To inform users of hot trends, CueSense offers a web site and a browser add-in. Website users get digests of hot topics and can research trends in tag popularity. The CueSense browser add-in serves as a contextual filter. When the user opens a web page, the add-in performs natural language analysis of the web page, determines its theme and matches cues to the theme based on tags and other attributes. Learn more about CueSense on our F.A.Q. page.


News on CueSense

Innovation and Originality on display at latest Seattle Tech Startups meeting
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Demoing startups for Seattle 2.0 Awards announced
Seattle 2.0 has announced the startups that will be demoing their products at the Seattle 2.0 Awards next week. Some of them are demoing for the first time so make sure to check them out and... more

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