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The Social Mission of CultureMob is to strengthen our communities in the ways that only the arts and events can: Bringing greater vitality, new ideas and more meaningful connections between people and groups.

As an artist, the dream is to focus on your art, survive off your art, and possibly even thrive. Unfortunately, this seldom happens. Caught between the economic realities of urban life and being a monetarily undervalued contributor to society, the small-scale artist tends to have at least one other job, struggling to find the time and resources to pursue his or her passion.

The artist not only performs in front of his or her audience, but also communicates with and depends upon them. Finding this audience is a difficult task. Remaining connected to them is a never-ending challenge. Most of the tools available fall short: listings in newspapers are brief and often overlook small artists. Many web tools are so full of noise that one would be hard-pressed to make the connection.

The cultural value of these connections goes well beyond the artist and the fans. When these communities combine, they create a thriving and self-perpetuating energy that outputs more than it consumes. The energy stimulates the local economy. People are engaged and communicating in a way they simply wouldn’t otherwise. The effect on people’s happiness, dialogue and innovation is great. Not to mention the starving artist gets to eat.

CultureMob exists to support these communities by giving them a platform and a set of tools that extend well beyond our own site. If we are doing our job well, we will be helping these communities form and grow. We aim to connect artists with patrons on the long tail in ways under-served by existing means. If our effect is to increase art sustainability and appreciation, to foster dialogue and enthusiasm for what people are working on online and off, we will consider ourselves successful.

As a for-profit institution, financial figures are naturally a means of measuring success. But we know that complimentary to the finances, to be truly successful in this field we need to be involved as community builders supporting our community in a way that only arts and events can: Bringing greater vitality, new ideas and more meaningful connections between people and groups; helping artists make a decent living; helping enthusiasts and the community find and engage with great events.

What role can we play? Helping attendees discover great events; helping enthusiasts share their enthusiasm, knowledge and passion; helping artists promote their great new event to an excited community. These are some of the ways in which we believe CultureMob can play a role in supporting and strengthening the vitality of our communities.


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