DailySplice is a Victoria startup company specializing in podcasting. The company was formed in 2007 after winning a local business competition hosted by the IDC.

The company's biggest innovation to date has been Splice Stations, a podcast system that allows organizations to easily find, manage, and broadcast multimedia through their website. Splice Stations aggregate a set of podcasts and compile a relevant playlists based on user preferences and smart recommendations. Splice Stations for the average web user can be found on DailySplice.com, where users can play pre-made topical stations or create their own station. Information on how organizations can build a branded station can be found on splicestations.com.


News on DailySplice

DailySplice: social media vocalized
Victoria's DailySplice has rolled out a new pricing structure for its podcast service. As co-founder Rian Bowden explained, DailySplice now lets users choose from a menu of service options: try it... more
Analytics leader hiring in Victoria
Last week, Victoria's Advanced E-commerce Research Systems Inc. (AERS) made two cool announcements that extend their e-commerce-based analytics and insight past their Terapeak product for eBay... more
What are you listening to? The Police.
The Saanich Police will be hosting a media conference on Tuesday, September 16th at 11:00 am, at the Police HQ in Saanich to unveil a podcast system powered by Victoria's DailySplice. Podcasting... more
DailySplice recreates morning radio for the podcast generation
DailySplice, a podcasting company based in Victoria, BC, is looking to replace the drudgery of AM radio on the morning commute with a customized selection of the best podcasts on the internet. "We... more

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