Data Appeal

Data Appeal

DataAppeal provides a new way to visualization and map data. This web-based application takes geo-referenced data files and generates beautifully designed 3D and 4D animated maps. Perfect for anyone interested in transforming their data into powerful, communicative, and visually appealing media.

DataAppeal allows you to explore new ways to generate, render, analyze, and share data through highly effective and visually powerful 3D and animated maps. 3D maps provide the ability to understand information through volume and relative size, rather than just different colours, while the time dimension allows for easy trending of results, providing for more sophisticated analysis.

DataAppeal is easy to use, and allows users to quickly change the “design” of data. Simply upload an EXCEL (XLS) file, and 'design' your data in 3 easy steps using pre-defined 3-D shapes, and other visual effects. Once the map or animation is created use the intuitive design palette to modify your work of art. Customize the model, color, visual effect, size, and MOTION to highlight aspects of your information.

DataAppeal was developed by a team of designers, artists, computer scientists, information delivery specialists, and GIS specialists, in efforts to deliver an easy to use, fast, low cost, yet highly effective and powerful automated mapping visualization application to help organization reveal new insights from their data.


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