Over the course of just the last few years, online dating has grown into a billion-plus dollar industry and gone from a practice suffering from a strong social stigma to a largely accepted form of dating employed by millions of people. This industry was initially dominated by a few players running pay sites, a difficult task on the internet where consumers are used to getting nearly all online content for free. On the first day of Summer 2008, amidst these pay sites and a single successful free site, two hard working and enthusiastic Vancouverites launch a new 100% free dating service:

Having become familiar with the major sites over the past couple of years, the creators of saw a need for another free site to compete with the other veteran Vancouver based free dating site and the pay sites that remain the stalwarts of the industry. Most internet users shy from paysites of any kind, and the free offerings were frequently badly marketed or badly designed. Thus was born, with the aim of providing a superior website promoted with a mix of traditional and creative marketing.

Focusing primarily on delivering an improved experience, the creators of strove to design a website that was both visually appealing and, most importantly, user friendly. The user interface and navigation was carefully designed to make using the site easy and quick, and streamlining the site to provide just the features which most users want and use. The result is a near-flat learning curve, signup in just a few minutes, and an array of dating tips, articles, and zodiac matches. strives to maintain a better product than the competition by staying humble, listening to their users, and continually looking for ways to improve their product and cater to their users.


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