Deetectee Microsystems

Deetectee Microsystems

Deetectee is the inventor of Single Burst Optical Recognition™, the first technology that enables secure, digital identification of an individual or object using a Smartphone or wearable technology.

Single Burst™ will make the next generation of mobile technologies more social and more secure by allowing them to instantly and securely share personal information between people, organizations and businesses.

The patented recognition technology combines software and hardware in a technology package that will allow developers to easily integrate Single Burst™ into devices and applications for a wide-variety of industries from social media and gaming to banking, conferencing and health care.

The Deetectee team has been operating in stealth mode since 2012 while the development team completed the Single Burst Optical Recognition™ prototype. The company is now operating in ‘semi-stealth’ mode.

Wireless, Mobile, Gaming, Social Media, App Developers

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