What is Diffen?

Diffen is a free collection of comparisons that people all over the world help write and maintain.

Diffen is informational:

What is the difference between DVD+R and DVD-R? What is the difference between a pub and a bar? A donkey and an ass? What is the difference between 401(k) and IRA? Treasuries and bonds? AMD Turion and Athlon processors? How is a Pentium Core 2 Duo different from Pentium Dual Core? How does the work environment at IBM compare with working at Microsoft? How does living in Seattle compare with living in Amsterdam? What is the difference between a Plasma TV and an LCD TV? Cal Tech and UCLA? Yankees and the Red Sox? Diffen can help you find (and write!) all these comparisons and more.

Diffen is recreational:

You can write a public comparison of your two ex-girlfriends. Or two of your professors. Or you can compare your boss with that freaky colleague. You can compare Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz (yes, we know - this is informational too).

Diffen is whatever you want it to be. So if you want X vs. Y - just Diffen it.


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