digi117 is a mobile marketing agency built from the ground up to offer full-cycle client solutions that have the power to push brands into the mobile arena. We specialize in guiding projects from idea to execution regardless of their scope, and we execute them with a level of industry engagement that produces unprecedented results.

Our many services are shaped by their integration with social media platforms, gaming media fountains, and location-based consumer engagement outlets. From app co-branding campaigns and video advertising, to mobile web solutions and branded app development, digi117 knows where to access the mobile community and how to captivate them.

Co-headquartered in both Chicago and Vancouver, our clients have come in every shape and size. They range from grassroots app developers, to globally recognizable corporations like Morton Salt, and top tier educational establishments like the University of Michigan. The one thing that ties them all together is a shared desire to make an indelible footprint within the mobile landscape, and it's something we're passionate about helping them do.

Software, Wireless, Mobile, Gaming, Social Media, App Developers

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