DIRTT Environmental Solutions

DIRTT Environmental Solutions

Though we are relative newcomers to the movable wall scene, we DIRTTbags arrive on the scene with a combined hundreds of years of experience. What drew us together wasn’t the idea of simply competing with other walls out there, but to create a wall and an experience that goes way beyond simply demising space. We wanted a wall that would finally loosen the grip of conventional (like 19th century ‘conventional’) construction. And an experience that informs, empowers and inspires. That’s how we are Doing It Right This Time.

Yep. We’re DIRTTbags.

You gotta problem wit dat? Oh, we’re not those Dirt Bags – though we would like to see drywall sleepin’ wit da fishes. We are a passionate group of people (approx. 410 in total) who strive to provide clients with the best solutions, experiences and environments possible. We help each other. We volunteer. We are often goofy. We all thrive on the idea that we are actually doing something to make the world a better place – not just adding to The Stuff.


News on DIRTT Environmental Solutions

DIRTT Environmental Solutions wins 2011 Progressive Manufacturing Top 100 Award
Calgary’s DIRTT Environmental Solutions has been selected as a winner of the 2011 Progressive Manufacturing 100 Award in the Innovation Mastery category. The PM100 is an awards program... more

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada