divvy helps you rent whatever you want to whomever you want, however you want.

divvy sets you up with your own private website. for instance: you.divvy.com. you then complete an on-line wizard to create an automated calendar reservation system, fully tailored to each thing (or service!) that you want to rent out through your subdomain. you can then invite your friends, family, or members of your community to visit your website to rent your stuff or avail themselves of your services. you have full administrative capability to manage access and control reservations. as an owner, your income is derived on a per-reservation basis; your users secure each reservation by making payment through an integrated paypal process. but you don’t have to charge. divvy can be used to schedule things that you loan out or share with others.

dormant assets are wasted assets; a sustainable earth vision and the exigencies of economic recession demand efficient use of resources. using divvy reduces waste, which reduces production pressures, which saves the planet one transaction at a time. divvy helps people save money and leverage their assets to the mutual benefit of their peers and communities, meaning that divvy helps people create green (common) wealth.

condos can offer a vehicle as a homeowner amenity. churches can rent tables and chairs to other congregations. members of a co-op can rent tools from the community tool shed. you can rent your rafting equipment out to your friends.

what will you use divvy for?


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