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Douglas is a quality business magazine that informs local businesses and people through its in-depth articles and award-winning design and photography. While serving as a resource to promote good business in Victoria, British Columbia, this bi-monthly publication defines current issues and developing trends and has become essential reading for the Greater Victoria business community.


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It's Time to Take a Fresh Look at How You Market Your Company. Here's How
When was the last time you took a look at how you are marketing your company and the products and services you sell? Perhaps your philosophy is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix... more
Unreliability is Endemic in Today's Business World. It's Time to Fight Back
Unreturned phone calls, missed appointments, over-promising and under-delivering... it’s time to fight back and set an example. Unreliability is endemic in today’s business world. I... more
Boost Your Business by Becoming One of These Types of 'Experts'
Whatever you sell, there is a way you can reach your target audience by educating them and demonstrating your personal, or your business’s, expertise. Marketing is a necessary expense, but... more
Personal Touches Instead of Digital Communication: How to Gain an Edge with Snail Mail
Want to warm up your next round of cold calls? Want to stand out from the spam? Get reacquainted with an old friend — a finely tuned sales letter. I get dozens of unwanted e-mails every... more
20 Tips to Increase Sales
Someone recently asked me, “Mike, you’ve been selling all your life. Tell me, what’s the secret to becoming a top performer?” This got me thinking about whether I could... more
Achieving Your Business Goals
Here are some mid-year business resolutions that will probably be easier to keep than any of the personal ones set in January that you've no doubt failed to keep by now. FOCUS I’m an... more
Increasing Your Global Perspective
The world is changing and global events can have an effect on our small enterprise. How can we be proactive, stay ahead of the game, and create new business opportunities in this changing world?... more
What Founders Should Know Before Hiring Their First Salesperson
I hired my first commission-only sales team some 20-odd years ago with the misguided belief that it would be easy. After all, I had managed several corporate sales teams and, in spite of having... more
Corporate Storytelling: How to Earn a Reputation of Mythical Proportions
If you are in the retail trade, this story is legendary. About a dozen years ago, a guy walked into an Alaskan Nordstrom store and wanted to return two faulty tires. Although Nordstrom does not... more
Crafting the Perfect Office Starts with Knowing the Expectations of Different Generations of Workers
Every business needs to expand, renovate, or relocate at some point, so make sure you understand the process of tenant improvement projects. A new office space or renovation can be an exciting... more
Reducing Turnover: How to Make Your Employees So Happy They'll Never Want to Leave
What keeps business owners awake at night? What is most talked about but least done about? Which single issue can eat up to 40 per cent of businesses’ net profits yet remains a hidden cost?... more
10 Strategies to Advance Your Career Through LinkedIn
Having a profile isn’t enough — to get ahead, consider implementing some of these useful strategies. LinkedIn has become critical to building a network and crafting a personal brand... more
Shortcomings of Telecommuting: Fewer Promotions and Lack of Company Culture, Among Other Things
Managers shouldn’t shy away from offering telecommuting, but staff need to be aware of its risks and rewards. Robert Half International surveyed 1,400 CFOs on the topic of telecommuting.... more
The 7 Deadly Risks of Workplace Technology
Are your company’s digital practices exposing you to information criminals? Your information is your business. But what if someone could steal your business by looting your information? We... more

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