Dx3 Canada

Dx3 Canada

Dx3 is Canada’s largest conference and trade show dedicated to digital. It brings agencies, brands, publishers and retailers together for two days of networking and education.


News on Dx3 Canada

Meet Pepper, the Emotional Humanoid Robot That Charmed Dx3
More than simply human guests were welcomed at the Dx3 conference this year. Among the non-human participants was Pepper – an emotional robot developed by the Japanese company SoftBank... more
Brainsights Gives Marketers Scientifically Precise Customer Insights
Tracking the electrical activity of your brain sounds like it would involve invasive technology and an uncomfortable clinical atmosphere, so I was surprised when the team at Brainsights gave me a... more
Are Bots the New Apps? Dx3 Showcases Robotics, AI for Marketing Space
Robots and artificially intelligent software programs were the stars at this year’s Dx3, Canada’s largest digital marketing conference and trade show. “We’re literally at... more
Dx3 Wants to Bring Digital Marketing, Advertising, and Retail Sectors Together
Digital marketing, advertising and retail conference Dx3 might only be a few years old but it’s easily the biggest name in its space. According to Anthony Lipkin, a vice-president and... more
'Bricks and Clicks' the Secret to Winning in New Economy, Says Etsy Canada Lead
In order to win in a changing environment, companies will need both “bricks and clicks” according to Erin Green, Etsy’s country lead for Canada.“I think the marriage of... more
Airbnb's Aaron Zifkin to Profess 'the Power of People' at Dx3 in March
Community is what it’s all about says Aaron Zifkin, Airbnb’s country manager for Canada.“We’re not a technology company,” Zifkin says. “We’re a company... more
Etsy Looks to Raise $300 Million in IPO This Year
Etsy is planning to raise roughly $300 million from an initial public offering as soon as this quarter. According to sources cited in Bloomberg, the Brooklyn-based company is working with... more
Why Apple Pay Should Have Launched in Canada First
Among the bevy of announcements at Apple’s Sept. 9 iPhone event, Apple Pay must be considered the most impactful. But Tim Cook and his entourage only got one thing wrong: Canada –... more
Wearables Now Functional But Still Unfashionable
There’s no amount of utility that can save bad fashion. The Android Wear watches unveiled in late June, arguably the most capable smart watches designed for mass adoption, have many features... more
Why The Connected Home Matters: E-Commerce Orders Everywhere
“You can run, but you can’t hide.” That should be the motto for Apple and Google as they take their first steps towards tackling the so-called ‘connected home’, where... more
Digital Marketing and Retail Event Dx3 Announces Mobile Innovation Store
Dx3 this week announced The Mobile Innovation Store, a mobile-enabled, personalized concept store on the Dx3 show floor. Hailed as Canada’s largest digital marketing, advertising and... more

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