Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail is changing how postal mail is delivered, for the betterment of individuals, businesses, national post offices, and the planet. Instead of making physical postal deliveries that are so dependent on fuel for planes and trucks, we deliver postal mail online, where people can manage it instantly, anywhere in the world.

No matter where our customers are, they simply log in to their secure Earth Class Mail account to view scanned images of their mail envelopes. They then decide which items to have opened and securely scanned so they can read the contents online, and which items should be recycled, shredded, archived, or forward-shipped to them wherever they're located – all with a few clicks of a mouse.

For businesses, Earth Class Mail not only delivers employee mail regardless of where each employee happens to be, but we also handle standardized process mail such as claim forms, invoices, legal documents, mortgages, applications, tax documents and checks more efficiently and cost-effectively than ordinary document management and storage solutions.

Mail addressed to specific departments or account numbers can also be set up with “automatic rules” to be opened and scanned upon arrival and injected into popular enterprise content-management solutions.

Recycling mail is one of the primary ways Earth Class Mail already makes a difference for the planet. In 2008, our goal is to recycle more than 200 tons of paper, and that’s just the beginning: To truly benefit the environment, Earth Class Mail has developed the first online postal-mail delivery system scalable to an entire country’s postal mail.

By offering national posts the ability to deliver mail online, Earth Class Mail can move posts from their current energy-wasting physical-delivery model to clean electronic delivery for a significant portion of the mail they currently handle. Our patent-pending MegaSorter™ automated storage and retrieval system is a transformative technology capable of sorting mail faster and at a fraction of the cost of existing sorter technologies.

In addition, with online postal-mail delivery, for the first time the trusted postal brand can leap into the computer of anyone who receives postal mail, and it can jump into the middle of millions of online advertising transactions per year to satisfy corporate customers – without sacrificing a single tree in the process. In partnership with Microsoft, we are currently in discussions with posts all over the world to help them transform themselves into robust enterprises with a business model more appropriate to the 21st century.


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