Easy Buzzer

Easy Buzzer

We create applications and services that solve problems associated with shared accommodation living and building security. Our solutions will maintain or improve the security precautions of modern apartment buildings while extending the capabilities of front-door access systems for residents and building management. Our flagship product, Easy Buzzer, forwards calls from your apartment's buzzer to any of your phones. When a guest buzzes your apartment, your phones will ring and the guest will be connected with the first person who answers. Then, you can buzz-in the guest or hang up the phone to prevent access. You can instantly update who controls your apartment buzzer at any time from our website. Soon, an iPhone and Android application will be released to accompany the website.

Software, Telecommunications, Mobile, Startup

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Easy Buzzer Launches New Front Door Intercom Service for Condo Residents
Vancouver startup Easy Buzzer hopes to solve a problem that has become a headache for many apartment residents – the entry buzzer system. Easy Buzzer allows residents (and roommates) to... more

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