eBC - eBusiness Cluster

eBC - eBusiness Cluster

eBC provides networking, marketing, awareness, events and advocacy for companies in Ottawa working in the eBusiness space. eBC works with business, government, institutions (universities, colleges, education) and organizations (OCRI, ORNEC, other business forums) to promote the development of Ottawa's eBusiness value chain.

eBC coordinates and mobilizes a growing membership of independent organizations in eBusiness sector that share a common goal: To build sound eBusiness companies and continue to establish Ottawa as a key centre in the global technology solutions market place. Members contribute to the eBusiness sector in a variety of ways, including the development of: e-transaction applications and services, ePayment applications and services, eCommerce applications and services, and eServices.

eBC members include: individuals, businesses, organizations, universities, research institutes, economic development, and agencies.

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News on eBC - eBusiness Cluster

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