Eggsprout is a Seattle Startup founded on the belief that everyone deserves to be at a job they love. The problem with society today is that there are far too many people frustrated, tired, and worse of all, bored with their jobs. They are wandering the halls of their offices in a daze – without purpose, without dreams. Eggsprout solves that. That is why we exist, that is what we’re after, and that is why we wake up everyday eager to continuously improve our site for you. Because we believe everyone should love their jobs as much as we do. We’re not here just to solve unemployment. We’re here to solve boredom.


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Eggsprout - How Hot a Prospect Are You?
Bellevue-based startup Eggsprout just launched a social-networking job-hunting service, combining elements of Twitter, LinkedIn and What's interesting about Eggsprout is their service... more

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