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Montreal web design company developing creative, accessible and usable web sites, suited for your specific market needs and helping your business grow.

Who we are
Elinity is a Montreal web design company that offers web site design and development, internet marketing and graphic design services.
Our mission is to make your web site bring as much profit as possible by means of creative design, deep market analysis and consideration of visitors needs.
Our experience with cutting edge technology enables us to offer competitive design services with an impressive turn-around time on project delivery.

We are a "full service" design company, which means that we start with a deep analysis of customer needs and market
to use its results in planning, developing site structure, design and programming.
We also include search engine optimization in development process to help you promote your site.
We communicate with our clients throughout project development, providing simple questions that help you clearly formulate the goals.
You have the access to the project during development process and can make corrections at any time.

Why order a web site at Elinity?
When placing a design project with us, you get:

Complex services package: market research and competitors analysis, design with it in mind, server scripting and database backend, and search engine optimization for the price of one component.

Creative and appealing design making an impression and letting attract visitors' attention that helps a potential customer to choose you among dozens of your competitors.

Usability testing helping to make your clients' work with your web site intuitive and comfortable increasing your business sales and ROI.

Web standards compliant markup meaning higher accessibility, faster download, easier style update and technical support.

Additional services: domain name registration, hosting, graphic design, technical support and consulting - solve your ongoing tasks with the professionals with whom you have already worked and trust.

Internet Marketing, Web Design & Development, Hosting

Ch de la Cote St Luc
Montréal, Québec, Canada h4v 1g5