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Endloop Mobile

At Endloop, we're a team of experienced developers and designers committed to creating top notch iPhone applications and games.

Our focus is on the user experience first and foremost. We always strive to make our apps as fun, elegant, intuitive and easy to use as possible.


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Canada's Mobile App Industry: 50,000 Employees, Revenues of $800 Million
Smart mobile device adoption has exploded this year and, along with it, mobile apps. But most people didn't know it was this big: a whopping 50,000-plus employees driving a staggering $775 million... more
Flixel - It's like Instagram for Living Photos
If you like Instagram, you're going to love Flixel. What Instagram is for static photos+filters, Flixel is for living photos. Capture a moment, bring it to life with the swipe of a finger and... more
Endloop Studios becomes Endloop Mobile and refocuses on Apps
Endloop Studios, the award winning app development studio, originally founded by Ken Seto and Garry Seto, relaunched today as Endloop Mobile. With a renewed focus on mobile application... more
Toronto's Endloop Studios launches Chicken Balls on the iPhone and iPod Touch
Chicken Balls HD for the iPad was the number one game for all iPad games in Canada, the number three game in the U.S., and found its way in the top 10 games in over 25 countries. Described as an... more
Toronto startups gather to discuss the future of mobile technology
Day one of Social Media Week in Toronto featured an afternoon event focused exclusively on the trends and local startups that are impacting the mobile space today. The panel discussion entitled... more
Year One Labs makes first investment
Montreal's Year One Labs announced earlier today that they have made their first investment in a startup called Endloop X. Based in Montreal, Endloop X is a location-based social gaming platform.... more
Endloop Studios moves out and up
You must have heard of the success story called Endloop.  Well, good things continue to happen for this Toronto-based game app developer and designer.  Just this past week they moved out... more
Toronto concocts the 'perfect mix for apps'
Toronto has become renowned as Canada's hub for app development. From entertainment apps to business apps, startups across the city are churning out some of the finest apps around today. Here are... more
Toronto iPhone start-up launches user-centric apps
I recently wrote about Airbourne's recent mobile application Homes on Mobile Phones.  With mobile being a very popular tech topic these days, I thought it would be pertinent to shine a ... more
Endloop teaches you how to launch your 1st iPhone App in 28 days
Toronto tech blogger Mark Evans has got some reviews of online services and devices coming up and today he reviewed an iPhone App called TweetCapz - an app that lets you add captions, speech... more

Toronto, ON, Canada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada