Engineer Outsourcing

Engineer Outsourcing

Engineer Outsourcing connects business with low-cost AutoCAD and engineering services in India. The EO marketplace saves clients 85% over inhouse staffing for roles such as drafters, AutoCAD technicians, CAD, CAM, CAE, draftsman and drafting services. The moderated projects, escrow and trust account ensure all offshoring EPO (engineering process outsourcing) are delivered accurately and on-time.

Research shows United States and Candian based companies save$45,000 annually for each draftsperson position located offshore ( Small and medium enterprises can outsource 10-200 staff simultaneously, which equals $450K to $9M (USD) in annual savings. In addition, vendors are quality certified, grow staff for temporary large projects and add/reduce staff quickly during economic volatility or cyclical business cycles.

Projects include AutoCAD Design, AutoCAD conversions, AutoCAD Drawings, AutoCAD Engineering, 2D to 3D Conversions, Raster to Vector, GIS Conversions and CAD 3D Modeling. The marketplace services mechanical engineering, civil engineering as well as structural engineering services.

Simple project management software is used for project tracking and file sharing functions. Collabtive groupware functions similar to .

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Engineer Outsourcing
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900 - 926 5 Ave SW
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