The Internet is very good at offering up consumables for one of your senses: vision. (If you happen also to exercise your sense of touch while using the Internet, that's something we don't want to know about.) The Internet serves you an apparently unlimited smorgasbord of words to read, pictures to look at, and videos that feature figures that move right before your eyes. And, sure, many of those videos are "talkies," but sound there is incidental: too often, the Internet straight-up ignores your sense of hearing.

Since 2006, Entertonement has been here to right that wrong: sound clips are our raison d'être. Too many sites treat sound like the redheaded stepchild of media -- but we know you're savvy enough to appreciate sound clips without the accompaniment of those little moving figures. Audio has so much untapped potential, but guess what? We’re here, and we're packing a spile. (Oh -- a spile is the thing you stick in a maple tree when you're about to tap it to make syrup. We're not just the masters of sound -- we're also the masters of metaphor. [Ed. Should I rethink my policy on hiring Canadians?])

Funded by Redpoint Ventures, we at Entertonement are committed to building the best site on the web for finding clips you love, listening to them in whatever format you might like, and sharing them with all your friends. Entertonement is the place to hear the most recent, most relevant and most personal audio on the web. And with all this great content, we not only want to give you a place to upload and share the sound clips you love: we want to make it easy for you to do things with them: embed them on your blog posts; send them to friends; turn them into ringtones for your phone. And the thing about sound is that, when it's divorced from the visual element, it has much more power to take you back to the moment you first heard it. (It's sort of like smell that way -- and don't think we haven't thought about ways to adapt your hardware for Smell-o-Vision.) Online media can certainly amuse and entertain you; don't forget it can evoke your best memories, too. Audio is part of all of our identities, digital or otherwise, and we want to help you express yourself.

Entertonement will change the way you use audio in the digital world. Join us, won't you?


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