Epilogger Inc.

Epilogger Inc.

Epilogger aims to be the primary destination for event attendees to relive or discover what happened last night from all points of view.

People around the world are now, more than ever, sharing their lives in the public domain: experiences are tweeted, Facebooked, plus-oned, Flickered, blogged, checked- and Linked- in. While memories live on in the web they are fragmented, can be hard to find, and in some cases, temporary. By capturing and consolidating these Epilogger looks to be the central online destination to view events both in real time and in archived packages.

By automatically collecting public data from Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Flicker, and blogs Epilogger is archiving social history as it happens. Interviews have confirmed this as a valuable tool for conference organisers, marketing agencies, influencers, promotions teams, and others struggling with how to make sense of their brand efforts. Epilogger packages events into digestible time capsules, and customisable reports will feature a distilled summary so organisers can see the real impact and sentiment related to their brand.

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