Equilease Has Helped over 26,000 Businesses Grow & Succeed

We specialize in making the financing process simple and efficient by providing a high level of speed, flexibility and convenience the big banks cannot match. Business moves fast and so do we.

  • We Work With All Retailers/Dealers: You choose the retailer/dealer you would like the equipment or software purchased from and we will handle the rest!
  • Approvals In As Little As 15 Minutes: Banks and other sources of financing often move too slowly to be effective, taking many days to provide an answer after reviewing a finance request which is why we provide financing that moves at the speed of your business--fast.
  • Low Payments: Low, easy to handle payments improve your working capital and preserve your lines of credit with no large cash outlay to affect your borrowing power.
  • Flexible Financing: The length of your lease, its terms and payment schedule can be customized to match your cash flow.
  • Easy Budgeting: Financial planning and bookkeeping are simplified with one monthly or quarterly fixed payment.
  • No Up-Front Payments: Often, no down payments are required which means your needs are met without delay.
  • Tax Benefits: Lease Financing is considered an operating expense, and in most cases you can write-off 100% of your payments.
  • Stay Competitive: When you're ready to upgrade or add new equipment the financing process becomes even easier after your first lease with us.


1) Go Shopping
Decide which retailer/dealer you would like to purchase the equipment from.

2) Complete Your Application Form
Send it to us either by email, fax, online, mail or deliver it in-person.
Click here for the form

3) We Negotiate For You
We will work with our large network of key financial institutions to secure the best financing options available to you.

4) We Process Your Application
We immediately get started on processing your application and notify you upon approval. Your lease may be approved in as little as 15 minutes.

5) We Purchase Your Equipment
We pay the retailer/dealer for your equipment and your lease begins. It’s that easy!


"Our award-winning IT company relies on access to the latest equipment so we can continue to provide next generation service solutions. Equilease has helped to keep us on top of our competitive field. Their lease rates are good, their terms are flexible and their service is always fast and courteous. They have definitely helped our company grow." itControl Solutions Inc.

"Equilease was extremely prompt, professional and courteous in the approval and implementation of our lease. We will definitely work with them again!" Xogen Technologies Inc.

"DSM Computing Solutions has been doing business with Equilease for over 20 years with great success. For both our internal requirements and as a valued, trusted resource for our clients, we rely on Equilease as a trusted, fair and easy company to do our leasing business with. Our experience has only been excellent!" DSM Computing Solutions

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