EvidencePix Inc.

EvidencePix Inc.

Our company creates unique smartphone apps, cloud interfaces, custom mobile device solutions and API’s – all under our patented process for secure mobile media: EPIX TRUST(TM). This process ensures that images, video and sound from smartphones and other mobile devices are handled securely, privately and respectfully. Our customers range from Fortune 500 companies to government departments and individual business people – across over forty countries globally – all needing the important features and benefits we provide.

In 2002 we saw the coming need for wireless communication of secure media, particularly as it relates to important, security, legal and insurance related issues. We began developing our knowledge base, meeting with police, lawyers, judges, insurers, litigators, security professionals, technology specialists, CEO’s, consultants, investigators and many others.

From this valuable research came a level of understanding and intellectual property that enabled us to launch our company in 2008, with two approved United States patents to support our products and services. Although we had expectations of a large-scale market opportunity, we couldn’t have imagined that the volume of mobile media would grow by a forecasted 7,000 factor from 2010 to 2015.

Understanding the needs of our clients and translating these needs successfully into products and services drive our entire experienced staff. We are all committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations in the burgeoning business of secure mobile media.

We are a private company with offices in Vancouver, British Columbia and Santa Ana, California.

Software, Wireless, Telecommunications, Mobile

300 - 1333 Johnston St
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada