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Facebook Solutions Engineer
Facebook was built to help people connect and share, and over the last decade our tools have played a critical part in changing how people around the world communicate with one another. With over a... more

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TheScore Building Bot for Facebook Messenger
Earlier this month, Facebook announced that theScore will be the social media giant’s Messaging partner. The announcement came as part of F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference held... more
Toronto's Flixel Partners With Facebook
Flixel, a Toronto-based startup, has partnered with Facebook as part of the social networking giants Profile Expression Kit. The new kit allows users to create a video in a third party app like... more
Bots for Messenger Among Slew of Announcements at F8
As part of the new Messenger Platform, bots can provide anything from automated subscription content like weather and traffic updates, to customized communications like receipts, shipping... more
Instagram, Like Facebook and Twitter, to Focus on Relevance of Content Over Chronology
Instagram is moving away from showing the most recent posts first to content based on showing algorithmically determined relevance. Facebook, which owns Instagram, already does this.... more
Wearable Technology and Where It's Headed
If you walk into your local Best Buy, you’ll see a full section of wearable technology on display. This will continue to grow as this “boomin” industry continues to gain traction... more
PlayStation VR Coming to Canada This Year at Cost of $550
PlayStation VR is coming to Canada this year. Sony made the announcement at the Game Developer’s Conference this week. Sony says PlayStation VR, which is slated for an October launch,... more
Facebook Launches Instant Articles in Canada
This week Facebook launched its Instant Articles feature in Canada with Le Journal de Montréal and Le Journal de Québec, as well as several Rogers Media brands to be added before the... more
What Canadians Talked About on Facebook in 2015
What trended on Facebook in Canada in 2015? The social network released data around this as part of its annual Year in Review. Not surprisingly, Canada’s most discussed topic was the 42nd... more
The Most Popular People and Places of Instagram in 2015
Instagram now has more than 400 million active users. The popular photo-based social networking platform released data surrounding 2015. In Canada, the days which saw the most Instagram days... more
Five Cool Career Opportunities in Canadian Tech
Are you looking for work in Canada’s growing tech sector? We’ve selected a few from our job board to get you started in your search.  The Mutual Fund Dealers Association of... more
Facebook and HackerNest to Host Hackathon to help those Affected by Dementia
Facebook and HackerNest are partnering to make a difference with DementiaHack, the world’s foremost hackathon dedicated to helping those affected by dementia. Supported by the UK government,... more
Facebook Tests Personal Digital Assistant Service Called 'M'
Facebook has started testing a new service dubbed "M." M is a personal digital assistant that lives inside of Facebook's Messenger app. The assistant, similar to Apple's Siri, "completes tasks... more
Kik Raises $50 Million from China Internet Giant Tencent, Now Valued at $1 Billion
Tencent, China's largest internet company, has invested $50 million in Waterloo-born Kik. Founder Ted Livingston explained the round of capital in a post on Medium. Our board asked us if a... more
Designer of Gmail User Interface Joins Montreal’s Fuzzy.io
Montreal-based Fuzzy.io has hired Kevin Fox, who designed the user interface for Gmail, as its chief experience officer. Fox, has worked at Yahoo, Facebook and Mozilla in addition to Google, where... more
Facebook Moving Canadian Headquarters into MaRS Discovery District
Facebook's Canadian headquarters are being moved into MaRS Discovery District's complex in downtown Toronto. The move is expected to complete in early 2016. Facebook will lease half a floor,... more
10 Reasons You Should Work for a Startup
There’s been a lot of buzz about tech startups over the last few years. The hype is often fueled by big exits from the likes of Instagram ($1 billion) and WhatsApp ($19 billion), both... more
You Probably Haven't Noticed Facebook's New Logo
Facebook, valued at more than $240 billion, hadn't changed its logo since 2005, when it was still in its infancy, a company hardly yet realized. Its new logo, after 10 years, is far from a... more
Now Canadians Can Join Messenger Without a Facebook Account
You don't have to love Facebook to love Messenger. The latter is a great instant messaging app and now Facebook is allowing anyone to use it, even if they're not a part of the social network.... more
Facebook Launches AMBER Alert System in Canada
Facebook Canada today announced an AMBER Alert delivery system in collaboration with police authorities in provinces across Canada. The feature will send alerts to the Facebook community in the... more
Facebook Launches 'Instant Articles' in News Feed
This week Facebook launched Instant Articles. People share a lot of articles on Facebook, particularly on our mobile app, the company says. However, these stories take an average of eight... more
Facebook Brings Legacy Contact Feature to Canada
Facebook brought its legacy contact feature to Canada this week. The feature enables users to select a "legacy contact," which is a family member or friend who can manage their account when they... more
Facebook Launches Video Calling in Messenger App
Facebook is introducing video calling in Messenger to Canadians. Users can start a video call from any conversation with one tap in the same way Messenger enables voice calls. Video calling in... more
How Canadians Use Social Media To Find Employment
Nearly 100 per cent of Canadian professionals and skilled individuals are on at least one social media network. 40% of Canadians use social media to search for jobs, according to data... more
Facebook's Mobile Business Continues to Grow at Mach Speed
It was only a few years ago, when Facebook went public, that mobile wasn't a part of its business. Okay, it was part of its business—it had a popular mobile app and lots of active mobile... more
Six Reasons Your Company Should Host Internal Hackathons
Pedram Keyani, who has organized dozens of hackathons while working at Facebook and Uber, has seen how these fun, energetic events can positively permeate company culture. On Medium, Keyani... more
Using Facebook to Get Your Small Business in Gear
Along with my parents and sister, I help manage Westwood Cycle, a family business that my grandpa started in Port Coquitlam, B.C. way back in 1932. Since that time, we’ve added three more... more
Guess Who Everyone Wants to Work For?
So, who does everyone want to work for? The same companies as always, basically. According to the most recent survey from talent strategy firm Universum Global, computer science majors across... more
Facebook Turns Messenger App into Platform with Plans for Entire Ecosystem Built-In
Facebook Messenger is evolving. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at developer conference F8 to announce Messenger is no longer just an app; it's now a platform on which... more
'A Canadian Reflex': We Really, Really Love Checking Facebook, Data Shows
New numbers released by Facebook show just how engaged Canadians are with the popular social network. There are 20 million Canadians accessing facebook at least once a month, or roughly 57% of... more
Facebook's Latest Privacy Policy Should Probably Concern You
Gather ‘round the computer, boys and girls. Uncle Mark has a really scary story to tell. No, there are no ghosts or monsters in this one—but the beastie in this terrifying techie tale... more
Facebook Takes on Craigslist with New Features for Buying, Selling
Starting today, Facebook’s For Sale Groups will have new features for buying and selling. According to Facebook, For Sale Group members can now choose the Sell feature when creating a... more
Facebook Turns 11, Approaches 1.4 Billion Active Users or 19% of World's Population
Facebook is celebrating its 11th birthday today. Founded in 2003, the social network now boasts more than 1.3 billion active users, or nearly 19% of the world's population, including 20 million... more
Facebook Impact on Global Economy Pegged at $227 Billion
Facebook, with more than 1.2 billion active users, is the largest social network in the world. But do social networks impact the global economy? Yes, as it turns out. According to a report from... more
Tech Dominates List of Most Influential Brands in Canada
The Institute of Communication Agencies in partnership with Ipsos Reid this week unveiled the Top 10 Most Influential Brands in Canada at day two of FFWD: Advertising & Marketing Week 2015 in... more
Facebook Scoops Up Canadian Design Firm Behind Medium
Facebook has scooped up Toronto-based design firm Teehan+Lax. "This is a significant move for us, professionally and personally," the team, who will be joining Facebook's design team, said... more
Only 23% of Employers Use Social Media to Find Talent, Where 99% of Candidates Are
Nearly 100 per cent of Canadian professionals and skilled individuals are on at least one social media network and more than half use them as tools to hunt for employment—yet just 23 per cent... more
Canadians Will Now See Ads on Instagram
Instagram has added advertising to Canada, which is great news for advertisers but not-so-great news for Canadian users of the platform. Initial advertisers include Air Canada, Target Canada, and... more
BlackBerry Once Again the Lone Canadian to Make List of World's Most Innovative Companies
Thomson Reuters this week recognized BlackBerry as one of the world's top 100 most innovative organizations of 2014. It was not the Waterloo-based smartphone pioneer's first time on the list.... more
Think About This for a Moment: 700 Million People Use Facebook on Their Phones Each Day
Facebook, to put it lightly, is straight up killing it. The social network was founded in 2004. It was an improbable story from the beginning—so much so that a book, and then a movie, was... more
Let Mark Zuckerberg Teach Your Kids to Code
Universities have been slow to catch on to almost everything born out of the Internet, including teaching students to code. Worse, high schools have been even slower. And elementary schools don't... more
Mark Zuckerberg Donates $25 Million to Fight Ebola Epidemic
Mark Zuckerberg has donated $25 million to the Centers for Disease Control Foundation to help fight Ebola. According to Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, The Ebola epidemic "is at a... more
Facebook Launches Suicide Prevention Guide for Youth
Yesterday Facebook Canada, along with Kids Help Phone and TSN personality Michael Landsberg, introduced Help A Friend in Need, a new resource that provides simple, practical tips to help youth ages... more
Moms Push for Greater Privacy Control on Facebook
With 1.3 billion monthly active Facebook users, you wouldn’t think that a few privacy-conscious moms would have any impact on the social media giant. But with one in three bloggers being a... more
Facebook Brings Mentions App to Canada
Facebook launched Mentions, a new mobile app, in the US last month. Now the world's largest social network has brought the app to Canada. 800 million users are connected to public figures on... more
Ex-BlackBerry Executive Joins Facebook's Internet.org to Lead App Product
The world's largest social network has hired a former BlackBerry executive. Facebook hired Andrew Bocking to lead its new Internet.org mobile app. Bocking left BlackBerry in February. At... more
Facebook Wants Users to Shop Directly from Social Network
Facebook is testing a new feature that would allow users to shop directly from its site. Following a deal between Pinterest and Shopify, the world’s largest social network is looking to... more
Sunday's World Cup Final Broke Activity Records on Facebook
Facebook’s data team looked at the volume of global conversation around the final match between Germany and Argentina on Sunday and found the World Cup finals match was the biggest sporting... more
Facebook Users Mad Because Researchers Made Them Sad Through Modified News Feeds
A Facebook scientist has apologized for performing an experiment that involved influencing the mood of nearly 700,000 social network users by modifying their news feeds without them knowing—a... more
Facebook Launches Slingshot App in Canada
Last week Facebook launched a Snapchat competitor in the US. The free mobile messenger app was this week launched in Canada. The app, available for Apple's iOS 7 and newer Android operating... more
Study of Facebook Brand Pages Reveals Companies Talk to Us Like 10-Year-Olds
A recent study on how brands communicate on Facebook either signifies the end of society as we know it or not much at all, depending on your perspective. The research was conducted by... more
Five Labs Launches Tool to Analyze Personality Based on Facebook Account
Five Labs has launched a digital tool that analyzes your Facebook account and then breaks down your personality based on it. The results break down things like "openness" and "neuroticism" in... more
The Impact of Smartphones and Social Media on Our Ability to Make and Keep Plans
Initial planning or planning ahead means nothing anymore. Scheduling events and then adjusting them as the date approaches have always been common, but it has become so convenient that all the... more
The Universities That the Likes of Google, Apple, and Microsoft Prefer to Hire From
From which schools do the likes of Google, Apple, and Twitter score their employees from? The below graphic, tweeted by Bill Gross, answers that question. There is, unfortunately, only one... more
What Do Social Logins Mean for Businesses? A Massive Conversion Boost, Among Other Things
Social logins are becoming increasingly popular, but what does that mean for businesses? A social login—when a user registers for a site by signing into one of their social media accounts... more
Facebook Beats Analyst Expectations with Big Revenue Boost, Mobile Increases in Importance
Facebook this afternoon reported its first quarterly earnings of the year and the numbers are favourable. The world's largest social network saw revenue jump 72% year-over-year to $2.5 billion,... more
Facebook Reveals Data on Crime-Related Information Requests of Canadian Users
The world's largest social network this week revealed its latest report showing crime-related information requests received from various governments around the world. According to the... more
Facebook Sued Over Interception of Private Messages on Behalf of All Canadian Users
A class action lawsuit commenced this week in the Ontario Superior Court. The lawsuit alleges that Facebook illicitly intercepted and scanned its users' private messages without their knowledge or... more
Facebook Paid Mark Zuckerberg a Salary of Just $1 Last Year but He's Still Worth $27 Billion
Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the world's largest social network, was paid a $1 in salary in 2013, down from $500,000 in 2012, according to a regulatory filing with the US Securities and Exchange... more
14% of the World Now Regularly Uses Facebook on Their Smartphone
Just a few short years ago, almost no one owned a smartphone—a fraction of a percentage of the world's population, those select few business elite running BlackBerrys. Then came the iPhone... more
Canadian Entrepreneur Responds to Mark Zuckerberg's Open Letter on User Privacy
On the afternoon of Thursday, March 13, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg penned an open letter blasting the government for being a "threat" to the internet. "As the world becomes more complex... more
Daughter’s ‘Suck It!’ Facebook Post Costs Father $80,000
The conditions of the $80,000 lawsuit Patrick Snay won for age discrimination specifically stated that details were to be kept confidential. So I guess that would rule out posting it on Facebook,... more
Tech Tycoons Dominate List of World's Wealthiest
Technology entrepreneurs continue to be a staple category among Forbes' annual list of the world's wealthiest individuals. In the top 20, there are the founders of Google, Sergey Brin (19th) and... more
Facebook's Massive Acquisition of WhatsApp is Serious Food for Thought for BlackBerry and BBM
In an event best reminiscent of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand “shot heard around the world," media outlets were a buzz with the news of the $19 billion acquisition of instant messaging... more
Facebook Buys WhatsApp for $16 Billion, Stock Sinks on News
Facebook has acquired WhatsApp for $16 billion. The world's largest social network acquired the popular mobile messaging app for $12 billion in stock and $4 billion in cash. That pegs WhatsApp,... more
Facebook Retrospective Looks Back on the Rob Ford Profile that Never Was
Nutty funsters Tom Kucy and Chris Kohanik have put together a retrospective on Rob Ford's Facebook profile over the last year, parodying the "Look Back" videos that celebrate the 10th anniversary... more
As of Today, Facebook is Officially 10 Years Old
Today marks Facebook’s 10th anniversary. Originally known as "The Facebook," the site went live on February 4, 2004 in Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard University dorm room. Today it is the... more
Canadians Can Now Send Money via Facebook Messenger
Canadians will now be able to send money to Facebook friends via the social network's instant messaging platform. RBC this week launched North America's first person-to-person electronic money... more
Facebook Surprises Everybody by Growing Revenue 63%, Now Has 1.23 Billion Active Members
Facebook grew revenue 63% to $2.59 billion in today's quarterly earnings report, sending the stock shooting up nearly 10% in afterhours trading. Net income spiked from $64 million to $523... more
Old Habits Die Hard: Why Facebook is Too Big to Fall in the Foreseeable Future
After a decade filled with legal battles, more than one billion active users, status updates, and the term “youngest billionaire” thrown around, it appears that “supposedly”... more
New Study Predicts Facebook Will Lose 80% of Users in Next Four Years
Princeton University researchers are forecasting an extreme drop in users for the world's largest social network. According to a study conducted by two researchers in Princeton’s... more
Bitstrips: Why Are People Using Them?
A number of Facebook fads have come and gone over the years, and now there is a new kid on the block. With Bitstrips, people now have a new way to express their feelings creatively using social... more
The Four Most-shared Stories of 2013 on Techvibes
Social media is ubiquitous today and our readers actively share every article we publish across channels like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Below are the most-shared articles of 2013. Most... more
RBC First North American Bank to Bring Person-to-Person Money Transfers to Facebook Messenger
RBC today marked a North American first by announcing a social, person-to-person (P2P) electronic money transfer capability for customers to send money to Facebook Messenger contacts, right from... more
Amazingly, Rob Ford Wasn't Canada's Most-discussed Topic on Facebook This Year
According to Facebook, Canada is one of the world's most engaged countries in the realm of social media. Our nation of a modest 35 million boasts 19 million active Facebook users—an... more
HootSuite, Now with More Than Eight Million Users, Celebrates Fifth Birthday
HootSuite today is celebrating its fifth birthday. The Vancouver-based social media platform in those years has amassed more than eight million users and grown from a team of three to well over... more
AcuityAds the First Canadian RTB Platform Directly Integrated with Facebook Exchange
AcuityAds has become one of a few companies that now has access to Facebook Exchange and will begin offering this inventory to clients immediately. FBX allows marketers to purchase Facebook... more
Facebook Redesigns Iconic 'Like' Button That's Seen 22 Billion Times per Day
Facebook's "Like" button is viewed across 7.5 million websites a total of 22 billion times per day. Which puts a lot of pressure on even the subtlest of redesigns. This new redesign by Facebook... more
US Tech Giants Landing in Canada Aren’t All They’re Cracked up to Be
In March Facebook announced plans to set up shop in Vancouver. The world’s largest social network sought up to 150 staff, mostly software-engineer graduates, to work at its new office, which... more
Apple Takes Over as World's Most Valuable Brand, BlackBerry Falls off List for First Time
For the first time in the history of Interbrand’s Best Global Brands report, there is a new top brand. Apple this year boosted its brand value by an impressive 28% to trump Coca-Coca,... more
Facebook Appoints Canadian Jordan Banks to Lead Global Veritcal Strategy Team
Facebook has appointed Jordan Banks to lead its Global Vertical Strategy team, which will be comprised of senior leaders from Facebook Canada. The Canadian businessman will lead Facebook’s... more
Facebook Apologizes for Displaying Photo of Canadian Girl Who Died from Suicide
Facebook recently featured an online ad for a dating website that used a picture of a 17-year-old Canadian girl who died after attempting suicide earlier this year. Facebook this week apologized... more
Skeptics Silenced: Facebook Now Killing it on Mobile
The world's largest social network beat analyst expectations with a surprisingly strong fiscal quarter, which caused its stock to rise 17% in after hours trading. Facebook's mobile advertising... more
Facebook Opens Office in Montreal
Facebook has opened an office in Montreal. The world's largest social network announced this week that the new Canadian branch is now open. It currently has two employees whose jobs are to serve... more
GrowLab and Launch Academy Partner with Facebook
Facebook recently set up shop in Vancouver's Coal Harbour neighbourhood. Now the world's largest social network has partnered with local accelerator GrowLab as well as Launch Academy to host... more
Instagram CEO: We Have No Plans to Build an App for BlackBerry, Windows Phone, or Google Glass
A lack of big name apps continues to be one of BlackBerry 10's more significant weaknesses, and certain companies aren't shy about confirming the low priority they place on developing apps for the... more
Multiculturalism is Key to Innovation: Can Canada Become the World's Talent Magnet?
Earlier this week Salesforce hosted 5,000 of their users and fans at a mini Dreamforce road show in Canada’s largest city. The day included a power-packed panel moderated by... more
Facebook Adds Video to Instagram
The world's largest social network is adding a video feature to Instagram, the company announced today. Facebook, which acquired Instagram for $1 billion last year, will allow Instagram users to... more
Facebook Announces New Verified Profiles and Pages
The Facebook experience is in a constant metamorphosis, always expanding and developing, seeking the perfect mould for users. Now Facebook has announced the new verification for profiles and... more
Facebook Bypasses Gastown and Yaletown to Open Vancouver Office in Coal Harbour
In March Techvibes reported that Facebook is setting up an office in Vancouver. We've recently learned that it won't be in either of the more traditional tech hubs of Gastown or Yaletown. The... more
Canadians Can't Go One Day Without Checking Social Media, Study Says
One in three Canadians check their social media feeds daily, accrording to a recent report from the Media Technology Monitor. More than two thirds of Canadians who use the internet are regular... more
Facebook Opening Office in Vancouver This May to Train Software Engineers
Facebook is setting up an office in Vancouver. The world's largest social network is recruiting up to 150 staff, mostly software engineers, to fill the office, which is slated to open in May.... more
Canadian Startup FanCrank Launches, Helps Brands Realize Potential of Their Facebook Fanbases
FanCrank launched this week. The Toronto-based startup, dubbed a "social loyalty platform," aims to help brands and retailers realize the engagement potential of their Facebook fanbases. The... more
Facebook Breaks Down the Oscars as Social Network Sees 66 Million Interactions
People around the world connected with fans, filmmakers and celebrities in record numbers on Facebook last night. The social network saw 66.5 million Oscar-related interactions yesterday.... more
Facebook Breaks Down How Many Users are Single Ahead of Valentine's Day
This Valentine's Day, only half of us celebrating with our loved one. At least according to Facebook, which now represents one-seventh of the world's population. On Facebook, which has more than... more
Microsoft Dethroned as Most Influential Canadian Brand by Google
Microsoft has been dethroned. Canadians think Google is the most influential brand in Canada, a recently updated list concludes. It happens to be a company based out of California and only two... more
Let's Face It: Facebook's Graph Search Isn't for Users, It's for Advertisers
This week, Facebook unveiled what it calls "graph search." The name isn't user friendly. And neither is the feature itself. Mark Zuckerberg pitched the function as a new way to search within the... more
Real-Life Friends More Important Than Online Friends, Study Shows
Does having hundreds of Facebook friends really make you happier? That's the question being addressed in a new study published by the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research.  The study,... more
Facebook's New Graph Search in a Nutshell
Today at Facebook HQ Mark Zuckerberg announced one of the most anticipated new Facebook features to date - Graph Search. Currently in beta, Graph Search is a new social search engine that... more
A Good Day for Social Networks: LinkedIn Reaches 200 Million Members as Facebook Shares Crack $30
Today has been good for social networks, with both LinkedIn and Facebook hitting key milestones. LinkedIn says that it has now reached 200 million members, with two more joining every second.... more
Facebook Letting Canadians Beta Test New Messenger Features
Facebook is introducing a cool new feature to its Messenger mobile app today: voice messages. The social network's iOS and Android apps will be updated soon with a "Record" toggle. Users can... more
RIM Among 12 Major Tech Companies to Buy Kodak's 1,000 Patents at Bargain Bin Prices
The bankrupt Kodak sold more than 1,000 patents for $525 million to a consortium led by Intellectual Ventures and RPX Corp this week. The patents, which are mostly related to digital imaging, are... more
How Much Your Favourite Social Network Would Cost to Use Without Advertising
Most people accept the fact that online advertising is the price they pay for free access to social network and news content. But what if they had the option for pay for an ad-free experience? How... more
Canadian Startup Chango Lands Partnership with Facebook
Landing a partnership with social network behemoth Facebook, Toronto-born Chango this morning announced the launch of Programmatic FBX Advertising. It's a new advertising solution that brings... more
Less Than 0.01% of Active Facebook Users Cast Their Ballot in Site Governance Vote
Most Facebook users claim to be passionate about keeping their data private. They threaten to quit the social network when it makes changes they don't like. And they complain, and complain, and... more
Facebook Now Has 13 Million Business Pages, but Only 2% Have Paid to Promote Posts
Facebook is primarily perceived as a social network for the people. But for many companies, Facebook is serious business. Leveraging social media can be hugely lucrative. And best of all, it's free... more
College Humor Thoroughly Demolishes Instagram with Powerful Weapon: the Truth
Most funny videos these days aren't actuallt that funny. Too many people overestimate their ability to produce genuinely humourous content and flood the internet with lacklustre content. This is... more
Facebook Messenger for Mobile No Longer Requires a Facebook Account
Facebook today announced that its Messenger app no longer requirees a Facebook account to be used. The app, which until now has been relatively redundant to the main Facebook app, now takes on a... more
Facebookers Have Shuffled Through 50 Billion Statuses Using Canada-born Status Shuffle
Toronto-based Status Shuffle revealed today that folks have used the company's service to set their Facebook status 500 million times over the last five years. The Canadian startup, which has more... more
Facebook Launches Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign in Canada
It is bullying awareness week in Canada. One message was clear in Toronto today: that cyberbullying can be as harmful as real-life bullying. Techvibes recently reported that one-third of teachers... more
Barack Obama Shatters Social Media Records
Last night Barack Obama was re-elected as President of the United States of America. A celebratory moment of him hugging his wife with the simple caption of "four more years" was posted to his... more
Instagram Adds Profile Pages, Now Looks Like Facebook
Today, Instagram added profile pages for users. No surprise that the profiles look very similar to Facebook profiles, given that Mark Zuckerberg's social network acquired the photo sharing phenom... more
Your Facebook Friends May be Making You Gain Weight and Debt
Keeping a close eye on your friends' via social media correlates to a higher body mass index and higher levels of credit card debit, according to a new study performed by researchers at Columbia... more
How the Mobile Web and Social Media Drive Online Donations for Nonprofits
The way people donate continues to shift to online and mobile, said Mark Sutton, president of Artez Interactive, at the recent ArtezInteraction conference. Participants in non-profit events such as... more
80% of Canadians with Internet Use Facebook, Far Higher Than Global Average
Facebook loves sharing statistics, especially now that it's public (except for maybe money-related stats). But who wouldn't with a userbase of one-freakin-billion?Unfortunately, most numberd tend... more
Facebook and Instagram Snubbing BlackBerry 10?
There's been a ton of hype surrounding BlackBerry 10 this month. Most people seem to be pretty impressed by it. But everyone knows of one major weakness: an app ecosystem that pales in comparison... more
Facebook is Adding More Than 600,000 Mobile Users Per Day
Facebook has 600 million active mobile users. It's the most popular app download on every major mobile platform. And, astonishingly, the growth in users is actually accelerating. Facebook's own... more
How Can Facebook Be Successful Long-term When Its Predecessor Lasted Just Five Years?
Marcel Côté, Senior Partner and co-founder of SECOR, which was recently acquired by KPMG, recently published “Innovation Reinvented” along with Dr. Roger Miller. For 35... more
The Social Media Bubble: WIll it be a Cold Snap or an Ice Age?
What if the social media party is over? How will we know the difference between a cold snap and the social ice age? The Microsoft anti-trust verdict in 2000 popped the DotCom bubble. Until then,... more
Twitter: Apple is a Mentor to Us, Facebook is… Not
Twitter's chief executive officer, Dick Cosotolo, told Charlie Rose on PBS this week a few details about how the real-time information network perceives itself these days. Costolo said that Apple... more
Canadian Startup Idea Rebel Uses Facebook Open Graph to Make Television Social
Television date night is done. Seriously, how many people watch a given program on a given night at a given time? Video content consumed anytime, anywhere, on any connected device, combined with... more
Mark Zuckerberg: This is the Biggest Mistake Facebook Ever Made
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt for his first media appearance since his company's initial public offering and his first big interview since last year.... more
Facebook and Microsoft Talk Design at DevTO
Toronto’s own Polar Mobile played host to this month’s DevTO. Around 100 members of the Toronto tech community congregated to meet up and spread ideas about all things related to... more
Is This the End of Interruptive Advertising?
Is this the end of interuptive advertising? In short, no. Industry experts and opinion enthusiasts have been debating the top of native vs. interruptive advertising, quick to predict the end of... more
Facebook Revamps Messages Feature and Adds Keyboard Shortcuts
Today Facebook introduced improved features and a dramatically different look for Messages. A new side-by-side layout allows users to click recent messages on the left to see conversations to the... more
Facebook Unveils New Platform to Educate Agencies on Creative Advertising Opportunities
The advertising agency community plays an important role in the future success of Facebook. A year ago, the company polled its agency clients worldwide to find out how to help digital strategists,... more
Apple Stock Surges to New High, Becomes Most Valuable Publicly Traded Stock Ever
Since Facebook debuted in May, the company has lost more than half of its original market value, down from over $100 billion to less than $50 billion. Mark Zuckerberg's personal wealth has sank by... more
Facebook Reveals App Center Stats: 150 Million Monthly Users, 8% More People Playing Games
Facebook has revealed some new statistics related to its App Center, which it launched in the US in June and in Canada in July. According to the social network, more than 150 million people have... more
Canadian Man Criminally Charged, Banned from Internet After Uttering Threats on Facebook
A 32-year-old North Vancouver man has been criminally charged by police for uttering threats on Facebook. Ryan Lewis appeared in court yesterday for graphically detailing threatening comments via... more
Senior Executives Flee Facebook as Stock Sinks 5% to below $20
Facebook's fall has been steeper and faster than even the harshest critics predicted when it went public in May. The social network's stock is down nearly 5% today, sinking to a new low under $20.... more
9% of All Facebook Accounts are Fake
According to a new Q-10 filing by Facebook, 8.7%—or more than 80 million—of the social network's "active" users are fake accounts. That's nearly 2.5 times the entire population of... more
Facebook Acqui-Hires Canadian Startup Acrylic Software
Social networking giant Facebook has quietly scooped up Canadian startup Acrylic Software, an independent software design studio that specializes in creating "fun, useful, and beautiful apps for... more
Facebook Posts First Quarterly Earnings, Stock Tanks 9% to New Low
Facebook reported their first quarterly earnings today. And while the social network didn't actually fall below Wall Street's expectations, the stock nonetheless took a steep dive, crashing nearly... more
Facebook Officially Launches App Center in Canada
As of today, Facebook's App Center is available to people in Canada. The social network's hub for discovering apps originally launched in the US in early June. Facebook says that, when the App... more
Canadian Teen Threatens to Kill 14-Year-Old Girl on Facebook, Faces Charges
A 14-year-old girl from Windsor is facing police charges after allegedly leaving death threats on another girl's Facebook page. According to the police, the girls, who are both 14, know each other... more
Social Media Trends and Opportunities with Amber Mac
Amber Mac is one of those new media whizzes I’ve always wanted to chat with. She has managed to excel in a relatively competitive field, and still remain very relevant and well-versed in the... more
Pamela Anderson Takes Poker to Facebook with Canadian Startup
Today Canadian entrepreneurs Elton Pereira and Jeremy Nichele launched BamPoker with a little help from international celebrity and Playboy model Pamela Anderson. Victoria, BC based BamPoker... more
Sheryl Sandberg Becomes First Woman Appointed to Facebook Board of Directors
Social network giant Facebook announced today that Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer at the company, has joined its board of directors. Sandberg oversees Facebook’s business... more
Canada's Most Social Landmark According to Facebook
People everywhere use Facbeook to check in to places and share what they're doing with friends. Based on this activity, the social network decided to share some of the most social cities and their... more
Canadian Executives Still Don't Know How They Feel About Social Media, Study Reveals
Even though Facebook has been around since 2004, LinkedIn since 2003, and Twitter since 2006, business executives in Canada are still divided on what to do with social media, a new survey by... more
Facebook Ads Simply Do Not Work, New Study Confirms
One day before Facebook's now-infamous IPO on May 18, UK-based digital marketing agency Greenlight zucker-punched Mark Zuckerberg's company by releasing the results of a study that found 44% of... more
Here's How Often LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman Looks at His Company's Stock Price
Professional social network LinkedIn debuted on the public stock market one year ago in May 2011. Since then, the likes of Groupon, Zynga, and Facebook have also had IPOs. LinkedIn's has remained... more
Should Facebook Buy RIM? Inside Tech's Hottest New Acquisition Rumour
A month ago, the only companies that anyone could realistically see acquiring the embattled RIM were Samsung and Apple—smartphone makers who would buy the Waterloo BlackBerry maker for its... more
Mark Zuckerberg Drops 20 Spots on World's Billionaire List, Fortune Sinks $5 Billion in Two Weeks
On May 18, when Facebook debuted at $38 on the public stock market, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg boasted a net worth of around $20 billion. This placed him as high as 21st on the list of world's... more
Facebook is Building a Smartphone and It's Hiring Apple iPhone Engineers to Do It
Rumours over a "Facebook phone" have been around for a couple of years now. Recent news has finally added some legitimacy to the notion: The New York Times has come forth to suggest that Facebook... more
Is Facebook Going to Launch its Own Web Browser?
This week, Yahoo launched Axis, its own web browser. Considering Yahoo's eroding reputation, and the fact that many sleek and popular web browsers like Chrome and Firefox are already well... more
Wayne Gretzky is a Subaru Forester and Other Funky Findings from Autotrader Study
A new survey reveals the car may be our new aphrodisiac. 36% of Canadians, including half of those under 35, report that driving a sexy car makes them feel more attractive. Findings from the new... more
Facebook May Hop From NASDAQ to NYSE
According to sources that have spoken to both Bloomberg and Reuters, the troubled IPO last week may have Facebook mulling a jump to the NYSE from NASDAQ. If these sources are to be believed,... more
Day Four: Facebook Faces Multiple Lawsuits from Shareholders
The debacle that has become Facebook's salient IPO is worsening still: following a looming investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Facebook and a group of banks are now being sued... more
Catastrophe for Facebook, Wall Street, Investors: SEC and FINRA Plan Investigation of Facebook IPO
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority's chairman told Reuters today that regulators plan to review allegations that underwriter Morgan Stanley shared negative news before Facebook's hotly... more
Day Three: Facebook Sinks Another 4%
Facebook's IPO on Friday was the largest in the history of technology. The social network raised a staggering $12 billion, valuing the company at well over $100 billion. But after peaking more than... more
Tech Bubble, Anyone? Facebook Shares Plunge 12% on Day Two
Facebook's IPO on Friday was the largest in the history of the world's technology sector. The social network raised a staggering $12 billion, valuing the company at well over $100 billion. But... more
Age 28, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg is Now Worth More Than $20 Billion
The hoodie-clad Mark Zuckerberg turned 28 this month, just days before his company, Facebook, went public. Facebook is now on the stock market and shares have climbed from the debut price of $38 to... more
Watch Out for This Facebook IPO Scam Floating Around Today
Facebook's IPO today was the largest in the history of technology companies. The social network raised $12 billion and is now valued at well over $100 billion, making founder and CEO Mark... more
Day Before Facebook IPO, Study Reveals 44% of Users Never Click Facebook Ads
When the Wall Street Journal reported this week that General Motors pulled $10 million worth of Facebook ads, the news went viral. Why? Because GM marketing executives basically say Facebook ads... more
Toronto's Ganz Expands Webkinz World to Facebook
Woodbridge-based toy and gaming company Ganz, best known for Webkinz World, has introduced a "game-changing innovation in family-friendly virtual fun." Ganz has launched Webkinz Friends on... more
Facebook Ups IPO Range, Social Network Now Valued at More Than $100 Billion
At Facebook's original $28 to $35 per share, the social networking giant was pegged at a valuation of roughly $94 billion, just under earlier predictions of the $100 billion mark. But due to... more
Canadian Court Rules That Students are Allowed to Criticize Professors on Facebook
In 2007, two University of Calgary students posted critical remarks about one of their professors in a Facebook group devoted to complaints. The students, twin brothers Keith and Steven Pridgen,... more
Facebook Launches App Center, a New Destination for Social Apps
Facebook has launched what it calls the App Center, a "new place for people to find social apps." Obviously similar to mobile stores like Apple's App Store or Google's Play store, the App Center... more
Watch the Facebook IPO Roadshow
Want to learn about Facebook straight from its top executives, including founder Mark Zuckerberg? See the hard statistics, get a feel for the social network's vision of the future? Then we... more
What's in a Suit? Analyst Says Mark Zuckerberg's Hoodie Proves He's an Immature CEO
Infamously dubbed the worst-dressed man in Silicon Valley, 27-year-old multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg favours cheap hoodies over top plain tee shirts and jeans with sneakers. Many say his choice... more
Revealed: The 10 Facebook Commandments According to 'Rigorous' Scientific Study
Facebook boasts more than 900 million active users—that's roughly 13% of the Earth's population. It has made famous the iconic "like" button and turned "friend," "Facebook," and other nouns... more
Toronto's RentCompass Adds Facebook App to Roster of Mobile Apps; Makes Renting in Canada Easy
Toronto's RentCompass has added a Facebook app to its portfolio. Self-touted as Canada’s first renters’ mobile App available on iOS and Android devices, web startup RentCompass has... more
Facebook Offers Died in the US. Now It's Coming to Canada
Facebook Offers never really took off in the US. In fact, it was killed off after just a few quiet months of testing. Yet the social networking giant is resurrecting the service and bringing it to... more
Facebook Hits 900 Million Users, 500 Million Mobile Users
Facebook now has more than 900 million monthly active users and more than 500 million mobile users, according to an update to its IPO filing. More than half of those active users come back every... more
Half of Canadian Parents Secretly Snoop Their Teenagers' Facebook Accounts, Study Finds
People complain that Facebook isn't private enough, how it mishandles one's personal information. But it seems that another privacy breach is also rampant: your own family.  Indeed, over half... more
Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Makes Bizarre, Sweeping Generalizations About Lesbianism, Men Being Jerks
Sheryl Sandberg is Facebook's chief operating officer. With the social networking giant slated for a $100-billion IPO next month, she's one of the world's most prominent female executives. But she... more
Facebook Acquires Instagram for $1 Billion
Social networking giant Facebook has acquired mobile photo sharing app Instragam for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, said of the... more
Canadian Woman Suing Facebook Over 'Reckless' Breach of Privacy Laws
A BC woman is launching a class action lawsuit against Facebook. The Canadian entrepreneur, who owns Video4Web Productions, has filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of British Columbia on behalf of... more
Mighty Apps: Vancouver's Strutta Launches DIY Business App Suite for Facebook Timeline Pages
Vancouver's Strutta Media, a provider of social media marketing tools, today launched Mighty Apps. The new offering is a suite of do-it-yourself business apps optimized for Facebook Pages... more
Lawyer: It's Illegal for Employers to Ask Job Seekers for Facebook Passwords in Canada
A week ago, Elise Moreau wrote about employers asking for job seekers' Facebook passwords during interviews as part of their screening process. No one was happy to hear about employers attempting... more
Facebook to Employers: Don't Ask for the Passwords of Job Seekers
Last week, there was an uproar when the topic of employers asking job seekers for Facebook login information during interviews was brought to public attention. Now, Facebook itself has stepped in... more
Trend Coming to Canada: Employers May Ask for Your Facebook Password During Job Interviews
Facebook and general social networking is playing an increasingly important role in our professional lives. While many companies have been known to search for the Facebook profiles of job... more
Facebook Not Coming to Kitchener-Waterloo After All, Inside Source Says
Back in November, Techvibes reported that Facebook may expand its Canadian operations to Kitchener, where competitor Google already operates out of. Facebook, which has its Canadian... more
Twitter is Sexier than Facebook. Here's 10 Reasons Why [INFOGRAPHIC]
Here's another Valentine's Day Special for you. Euro RSCG Worldwide published an infographic that compares the sexiness and sexuality of Twitter users to Facebook users. As it turns out, Twitter... more
Facebook Potentially Worth $100 Billion? Hard to Envision Post 2015
Is Facebook worth $100 billion? I doubt it. Facebook generated over $3.1 billion dollars in advertising revenue in 2011 from their display ads and 80% of additional revenue from Farmville creator... more
ADDICTION: Study Finds Social Media to Be Like Smoking Cigarettes
Firing off a tweet or status update is not unlike smoking a cigarette, new research suggests. According to a study conducted by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, social media may... more
PROBLEM: Facebook Has 400 Million Mobile Users and It's Not Making a Dime from Them
So Facebook has filed for its IPO, tons of people are going to get crazy rich, blah blah blah. But not everything is sugar and spice on the Facebook front: it needs to fix its mobile problem, and... more
Facebook's IPO Will Mint More Than a Thousand Millionaires
Now that the world's largest social network has finally filed for an initial public offering, the dust can settle and the media frenzy can die down. Right?  Hardly. From now until May, when... more
OFFICIAL: Facebook Files for IPO
It's finally official. As per prior reports, Facebook has filed the preliminary prospectus for its much-hyped initial public offering. Mark Zuckerberg's company is aiming to raise $5... more
Facebook is Going to File for an IPO Next Week!
The world's largest social network, Facebook, is going to file for an Initial Public Offering this coming Wednesday, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. Citing... more
HUBRIS: Special Investigation Unit Uses Social Media to Catch Defrauder Red-Handed on Facebook
Corbin Lewis Joseph was prohibited from driving in 2009 after operating a vehicle while drunk and rolling his truck into a ditch on a rural road outside of Springhouse, a small community west of... more
Facebook Developer Launches 'Dont Be Evil' Plugin For Less Biased Google Search Results [VIDEO]
A group of engineers has built a bookmarklet that redirects Google's new social search to results that include all social networks—including Twitter, Tumblr, and even MySpace—versus... more
Facebook is Going to Force You to Use Facebook Timeline and Consequently Auto-Share Everything
It's clear through the first 60 Timeline apps that Facebook wants you to auto-share absolutely everything. For the fear of those who haven't complied with Facebook's request to activate Timeline,... more
Zuckerberg on SOPA: 'We can't let poorly thought out laws get in the way of the internet's development'
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has publicly spoken out against SOPA. This morning, the billionaire posted a status stating that "Facebook opposes SOPA AND PIPA." "The internet is the... more
Facebook to IPO in May, Report Says
Facebook's ba-jillion dollar IPO looks due in May, according to a report by AllThingsD. Citing "multiple sources," tech reporter Kara Swisher says that "if there are no issues," such as a... more
Facebook Opens Registration for Second Annual Hacker Cup
Canadian programmers have the opportunity to compete against the world's best for some massive bragging rights and thousands of dollars cash. Facebook has opened registration for its second... more
Canadian Television Show Will Bring Creeping to a New Level
The Internet Era has spawned an age of "creeping," in which web surfers have acquired a taste for delving their curious mines into the lives of others through the wonders of online communities. As... more
40% of Facebook Users Use the Mobile App
Mobile, mobile, mobile. If you've read and heard the word so many times this year it now sounds like gibberish, no one can blame you. But the numbers continue to astound. Most recently, new data... more
Facebook to Bring Ads to News Feed, Just Like Twitter's Promoted Tweets
Not long after Twitter decided to put promoted tweets in non-followers' streams, Facebook has now determined it's a tactic worth copying. Probably realizing absolutely no one clicks or even sees... more
Got Defriended on Facebook? This is Probably Why [INFOGRAPHIC]
Facebook opened up a new layer of social interaction between friends and acquaintances (and enemies, for that matter) when it became ubiquitous. New research from NM Incite reveals the top reasons... more
What Canadians Talked About on Facebook in 2011
Facebook has revealed what Canadians were talking about in 2011. In its "Memology 2011" report, Facebook showed that Canada's top 10 status trends were lms ("like my status"), Jack Layton, Call of... more
How Facebook Buying Gowalla Could Change The Social Media Game For Good
This article was originally published on Smedio. Have you ever wondered why Facebook is the world’s most popular social network? Is it all about the user experience? Or is it because... more
Facebook is Going Public in 2012 With a $100,000,000,000 Valuation
Following rumours of an imminent IPO, it looks like Facebook will indeed go public sooner than later. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Facebook will debut on the stock market... more
Facebook’s New Sponsored Stories: Brilliant Advertising Tactic or Just Plain Foolishness?
This article was originally published on Smedio. Even as the public outrage over the newly introduced ‘frictionless’ sharing refuses to die down, Facebook is introducing another... more
Is Facebook Forcing Us To Share Too Much?
This article was originally published on Smedio. While it’s true that a social network is all about collaboration and sharing, it still needs to comply with the golden rule that states... more
Facebook Says The Degree of Separation is Only Four, Not Six
The theory of six degrees of separation may be false. It may only be four. According to a massive study conducted by Facebook, the social network's 800 million users—a truly titanic sampling... more
PayPal's new Facebook App for Sending Money to Friends was built by Canadian startup
Social media blog Mashable got the "exclusive" story on PayPal's new Facebook App for Sending Money to Friends this morning but Techvibes has an angle that Canadian tech fans may find interesting.... more
Facebook Hacked ... The Geeks Inherit The Earth
Notice that I removed the word “Shall” from the title of this blog post After I caught the news about the Facebook hack, I meandered around the internet, thought about some recent... more
Google+ Pages vs. Facebook Pages – Let The Battle Begin!
This article was originally published on Smedio. When Google+ launched, it was widely projected as the next big Facebook Killer. While that didn’t happen, Google did a remarkable job of... more
The World's 5 Most Powerful People in Tech
With the 2011 edition of the World's Most Powerful People now released, it's interesting to observe how potent the technology industry is. While the majority of the listees are leaders of big... more
Facebook is the 'Best run company in technology,' VC says
A Fan of Facebook Ben Horowitz, co-founder of Opsware and founding partner of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, said on stage at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Fransisco today that Facebook is... more
'There is good creepy, and there is bad creepy.' Which one is Facebook? Sean Parker explains
At today's Web 2.0 Summit, Napster co-founder Sean Parker stated that "there is good creepy, and there is bad creepy," when asked by his interviewer whether social network Facebook was getting a... more
Zynga looks to distance itself from Facebook - Or why I hate Farmville!
I need to start this post with a disclaimer: I hate Farmville. OK, I know hate is a not-nice word, so I will reconsider... nope, hate describes it. If you have managed to remain blissfully... more
Top 5 Reasons Mark Zuckerberg was in Vancouver last week
Thanks to a Facebook status update last Wednesday, Vancouver is a buzz wondering why Facebook's famous founder is in our fair city. Techvibes has been hit with with blog post comments, tweets, and... more
What Facebook Can Teach You About Staying Relevant
First things first, I’m no Facebook worshipper. In fact, I use all leading social networks for definitive needs. I use LinkedIn as a professional networking and hiring tool, Twitter as a... more
After arduous journey, Facebook finally launches iPad app
After some complexities, Facebook has finally launched an official iPad app. Consumers have been waiting patiently the social network to release an app optimized for Apple's popular tablet, and as... more
Mark Zuckerberg is in Vancouver… to acquire HootSuite? [Updated with Photo]
UPDATE 3: Invoke Media and HootSuite were initially quiet about the rising speculation that Mark Zuckerberg was visiting Vancouver to acquire the social media dashboard. However, after the Wall... more
Nissan Canada and Tree Canada collar to plant trees in exchange for Facebook Likes
Nissan Canada has planted the seeds for a new program that rewards Nissan Leaf fans and the Canadian landscape. In partnership with Tree Canada, Nissan Canada will plant one tree for each new... more
Facebook OS: Is the social network big enough to warrant its own mobile operating system?
ABI Research recently released a report that suggested Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg's epicly popular social network, will eventually need its own mobile operating system platform. The research firm... more
Facebook cracks 800 million users, half of them use it everyday
Facebook now has 800 million active users, Mark Zuckerberg says, as the company crawls toward the legendary one billion user milestone. Approximately half of these people use Facebook every day.... more
'A New Era of Facebook': Social network announces host of changes during f8 conference
f8, Facebook's developer conference, just ended in San Francisco. The social network ushered in "a new era" by bringing "a whole new Facebook experience for users and developers." Today, Mark... more
Facebook to delay IPO again, report says
When it rains, it pours. With Groupon and Zynga delaying their IPOs, Facebook has joined the mix, according to a Financial Times report. Citing people familiar with the company, a "late 2012" IPO... more
Facebook becomes more like Twitter and Google+ with new Subscriptions feature
Facebook is adding a new key feature called Subscriptions, which is a one-way follow model remarkably similar to that of Twitter and Google+. With Subscriptions, user will see buttons on peoples'... more
Facebook on pace to generate over $3 billion revenue this year, $1 billion net income
Facebook, with its one trillion monthly pageviews, has generated $1.6 billion in revenue through the first half of 2011, with roughly $500 million of that winding up as net income, according to... more
Facebook updates iPhone app with overhaul of privacy settings (again…)
Facebook has released version 3.5 of its iPhone app, which features an overhaul to its privacy settings mirroring the alterations done on its website. 3.5 lets users tag friends and places in... more
Facebook gets 1,000,000,000,000 pageviews per month
I wonder how long it took the entire internet to reach one trillion pageviews when it started? Years, no doubt. But times have changed, and now a single website is receiving this many pageviews... more
Google+ adds games; Facebook adds new gaming features
Casual gaming is becoming a big business in the electronics and social media industries. Not one to be left behind, the new social network, Google+, just released a new feature that will allow... more
Facebook launches Messenger, a mobile app that streamlines the world of instant messaging
Facebook today is launching Messenger, an Android and iOS app that "simplifies how messaging works." From Facebook's blog:  Messenger is a separate app, so it only takes one click to get... more
Mark Zuckerberg named worst-dressed man in Silicon Valley (again), with Steve Jobs close behind
Mark Zuckerberg is famous—or should I say infamous—for his casual hoodie and t-shirt attire. So famous, or infamous, in fact, that he has earned his second "Worst-dressed" honour (or... more
You can now announce and track your pregnancy on Facebook easier than ever before
It seems as though all the girls getting pregnant these days love keeping everyone up to date with their pregnancy, and Facebook is often the best way to go about this. Now Facebook has made it... more
The Winklevoss twins are 'assholes' – and former Harvard president Larry Summers would know
If The Social Network 2 came out, it would probably be called The Demise of the Winklevoss Twins. And Larry Summers would have quite the quote in it. The Winklevi, as Mark Zuckerberg's character... more
Do not talk about Google+ on Facebook or you will be punished
Ad's headline: "Add Michael to Google+." Ad's copy: "If you're lucky enough to have a Google+ account, add Michael Lee Johnson, Internet Geek, App Developer, Technological Virtuoso." Ad's photo:... more
Can't we all just get along? Facebook blocks export tool, denying easy switchover to Google+
Facebook has explicitly stated that it does not fear Google+. That Google's latest social network effort simply validates Facebook, but does not threaten to replace it. This may be true, or it may... more
Call your friends from Facebook: social network launches video calling on the web
Facebook last week said they'd be launching "something awesome" today. Most expected an official iPad app. What they got is arguably a loot cooler. Mark Zuckerberg and his globally famous social... more
New speakers for GROW announced, including big names from HootSuite, Google, Facebook, and more
The roster of speakers for this year's second-annual GROW Conference in Vancouver is looking more and more impressive. Many interesting speakers were already lined up, from Beyond the Rack... more
The 10 most popular Canadian brands on Facebook - combined - have less than half the fans of Justin Bieber
Canadian brands are flopping on Facebook. No matter which way you slice it, Canadian brands—and even foreign brands with separate Canadian pages—are underwhelming when it comes to... more
Facebook's Twist to the Changing App Ecosystem
I recently wrote about the changing ecosystem of native mobile apps to hybrid and eventually to HTML5 as the first major web standard upgrade in over a decade finally comes to fruition. ... more
Facebook isn't worth $100 billion, son. Here's four reasons why
Rumours are swirling rapidly in the news that Facebook is aiming for an $100-billion-valuation IPO sometime later this year or at the start of 2012. $100 billion? Really? Here's four reasons why... more
More Canadian companies are permitting social networking on the job - as if they could stop us
Well, this was inevitable: more Canadian businesses than ever are allowing social networking to occur on company time. The finding is a result of a Robert Half Technology survey, which suggests... more
Indulge in a self-obsessed Facebook time warp with Past Posts
Remember what you did on May 27, 2010? This is the question that headlines the website for Past Posts, a fun app that spits out emails documenting what you did one year ago. On Facebook. Sound... more
Are Canadians the world's most extreme users of Facebook?
Inspired by a meeting with Alfredo Tan, Facebook's director for Canada, firm 6S Marketing crafted an infographic showing off the "mind blowing" statistics of Canadian Facebookers. In Canada, there... more
Is it finally, finally over? Winklevoss twins lose bid to reopen court case against Facebook
The dramatic-turned-interesting-turned-pathetic saga that the "Winklevi" have made us endure over the past couple of years looks to finally be over. In an embarrassingly futile attempt to squeeze... more
Tension between rivals rises as Facebook gets caught for smear campaigning Google
Akin to how Google was playing a little dirty trying to uncover similarities between its search engine and Microsoft's bing, Facebook has confessed to mud-slapping Google's Social Circle. A PR... more
Has Facebook been fumbling your private and personal information again? Symantec says so
In spite of its tremendous success and popularity overall, Facebook's black mark—a tarnish that it has never managed to eradicate entirely—has been that of keeping its users' private... more
Facebook may be planning to buy Skype for four billion dollars
Inside sources have told Reuters that an acquisition of Skype by Facebook may be very possible. Skype, once bought by eBay but ultimately returned to its owners, is expected to launch an IPO this... more
Facebook’s Social Design
Earlier this week I had the good fortune of attending the BlackBerry World conference in Orlando, Florida (disclosure: RIM is a client). I’m not going to go into all the details of the... more
Facebook adds suite of new safety features to protect its community
"Facebook" and "Safety" are two words akin to water and oil; they just don't seem to mix. But the social network has added a host of new safety features to help combat with stigma.  First,... more
Waterloo's UME Interactive launches UME Golf, which marries Facebook and golf
Although golf's roots go back about 500 years and Facebook's less than 10, the participation sport and the social networking platform are well-matched partners for a new service called UME Golf.... more
Social Election Experiment: Will Facebook fans translate into votes in Canada's federal election?
It a question floating around the web this election season: what impact are social media numbers going to have on the voting ballots? The teams at Optimum PR and Dare Labs in Vancouver wanted to... more
Should you be Facebook friends with your boss?
This article was written by Douglas Idugboe and originally published on Smedio. Are you comfortable “friending” your boss on Facebook? What should you do if your boss sends you a... more
The AntiSocial Media Election: As it turns out, politics and social media just aren't clicking
Social media and election campaigns, in theory, should be the best of friends. But something is amiss. According to a first-of-its-kind survey conducted by Ipsos Reid, political engagement via... more
Bye-bye to the Winklevi: Olympians, pursuers of 'justice,' and utter fools
Tyler Winklevoss is starting to remind me of Charlie Sheen: cool once upon a time, then a fool who's funny to watch from a distance, and eventually, a guy you can no longer stand. We all know the... more
The Winklevi finally lose to Zuckerberg's Facebook in pointless court battle
If you need advice on how to shame yourself, just ask Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. The six-foot-five Olympic athletes and members of Harvard University have officially lost the latest legal... more
Facebook vs. LinkedIn: The War for Personal and Professional Networking
This article was written by Douglas Idugboe and originally published on Smedio. Facebook is the world’s leading “personal” social network and it’s fast approaching the... more
Federal Election 2011: Who is winning the social media war? [Infographic]
There was a time, not very long ago, that social media didn't exist. And when it first came about, it didn't really seem like a platform appropriate for politics. But U.S. presidential candidate... more
Yahoo Canada's leader ditches company to work for Facebook
Yahoo, the internet pioneer turned semi-relevant web portal, has lost its Canadian vice president and country manager to the newer, trendier, booming social network Facebook. Matti Idema has left... more
Telus transforms Optik TV platform into 'The next frontier of social networking'
Do you "Like" Optik TV? If so, now you'll love it. Telus has introduced a Facebook app on its Optik TV platform, allowing users to access all their Facebook features without leaving the... more
Facebook becomes video rental outlet in U.S.
Facebook and Warner Bros. are testing out a new service for American Facebook users: for 30 Facebook Credits (around three dollars), you can rent a movie and watch it over Facebook. Once a rental... more
Facebook a factor in 20% of American divorces: study
Careless use of Facebook has ruined jobs, academic success and even insurance settlements. But now, Loyola University of Maywood, Illinois is reporting that Facebook is also becoming a factor in... more
The Facebook for Fetishes: How FetLife has created a no-holds-barred kinkster's heaven
Have you ever went to edit your Facebook profile and thought, "Why can I only have one relationship status at a time?" Or, "It sure sucks that I can't post pictures of myself scantily clad and... more
Twitter says it's nowhere near an IPO - 'We are really just getting started'
The rumours have been churning with an ever increasing pace over the past couple of months, but Twitter insists it's not planning for an IPO. In fact, it's not even close to that stage. Twitter... more
Facebook senior director talks about leveraging communities and managing your identity
What kind of opportunities are out there for your company on Facebook? Facebook senior director, Alfredo Tan, wants to show you that the business opportunities on the world’s most popular... more
Tweet2O: Twitter is the new water, but Facebook is just in your face
There is an interesting contrast between the approaches of Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Well, there are actually many: Dick is older and balding, while Zuck is still... more
Twitter in talks with Facebook and Google over acquisition prospect
Can you imagine if either social network giant Facebook or search titan and Android maker Google got ahold of Twitter? Apparently, it's a remote possibility. According to the Wall Street Journal,... more
Facebook Deals use location, location, location to find deals for users
Google isn’t the only Internet giant that’s jumping on the daily deal bandwagon; Facebook today announced the launch of Facebook Deals, which utilizes both the social network’s... more
Facebook improves security, money pile growth
Facebook is nipping two of its biggest problems in the bud today: user security, and not making enough money. Okay, so maybe only one of those is an actual problem; either way, both are being... more
They just can't let go: Winklevoss twins continue legal battles against Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook
How many Olympic athlete, Harvard University graduates with $65,000,000—on top of family wealth—in their pockets can find reason to complain? I can count two. Cameron and Tyler... more
It's official: Facebook gets more visits than Google... but not really
2010 has marked social network Facebook's surpassing of search engine Google in visits. Facebook.com earned 8.9 percent of American webpage visits from January to November 2010. Google.com earned... more
The Techvibes 2010 Advent Calendar: only two days left to win $8,000 in tech stuff!
As you're all well aware by now, we're giving away more than $8,000 in tech gadgets and accessories - from computers to tablets to smartphones - through our holiday themed giveaway... more
Montréal's Bluestreak Technology breaks down 2010's five most important numbers
Dominique Jodoin, CEO of Montreal-based technology company Bluestreak Technology, has put together an executive commentary on what he feels are the five most important... more
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is Person of the Year
Now this would make for an epic status update. Mark Zuckerberg, the 26-year-old CEO and founder and Facebook, is Time magazine's Person of the Year for 2010, a prestigous title awarded to those... more
Facebook's Hacker Cup pits engineers against each other in worldwide programming competition
In a world where the connotation of "hacking" is changing from an ominous negative to an encouraged positive. Hacking is a central part of Facebook's culture. Whether it's to build the next product... more
Canada's top trends for Facebook in 2010
Facebook statuses vary so tremendously. 500 million people share their thoughts, opinions, quotes, memories, content - anything they want, when they want, where they want, and for the reasons they... more
Google versus Facebook: Who will rule the internet?
Google is an internet titan - the clear choice for searching the web, the simplest way to buy ads, or earn money from others' ads, the best way to find directions and search the globe, the best way... more
Changes to your Facebook profile looks a lot like LinkedIn
When you login to your Facebook account on Monday you might notice some changes.  And if you're an active LinkedIn user you may notice some similarities to that professional networking site.... more
Canada's premier digital media conference ends with momentum: #nextMEDIA
On the second day of the 2010 nextMEDIA conference, produced by Achilles Media there was something for everyone - from the digital practitioner to the content producer, conference sessions were... more
Facebook makes users more social in real life: Study
The results of a new study suggest that Facebook may actually enhance real-life social experiences, contrary to the popular belief that Facebook triggers the disintegration of face-to-face... more
Last thing before sleeping and first thing upon waking: Social media use borderlines addiction in Canada
A staggering three quarters of Canadians who use social media confessed in a recent survey that the last thing they do at night, and the first thing they do in the morning, is use an electronic... more
Making history: Porsche to engrave the names of 1,000,000 Facebook fans on one of its cars
In perhaps one of the most interesting lures for Facebook users to become fans of a brand or product, luxury sportscar maker Porsche is celebrating the one million fan milestone by declaring that... more
Two words Facebook wants to own (more to come)
Like it or not (ahem), Facebook wants more than your data.  They want to own what you say: your words.  More speciafically, "like" and "face". You're probably familiar with the "Like"... more
Comic book about Facebook is launching – and there may be an animated movie based on it too
A comic book about Mark Zuckerberg and his social network, Facebook, is perhaps a little odd. But how about a movie based on the comic book—an animated one, no less. Indeed, Bluewater... more
It's Complicated: Seventeen examines how teenagers go through entire relationships on Facebook
Man, kids these days. I used to think I was “current” and “with it” when I got dumped over MSN Messenger. The times, though, they are a-changin’, and research by... more
Mark Zuckerberg predicts a new world 'rethought and designed around people'
Hate him or love him, you can't deny that Mark Zuckerberg is passionate about his beliefs. The still-young Facebook CEO is open about being open, and never shies away from sharing his vision for... more
Facebook's email service aims to achieve Seamless Messaging
We reported today that Facebook is getting into the email game, and soon anyone will be able to register for and receive an @facebook.com email address. It seems like the Facebook emails are... more
Rumours turn out true: Facebook emails are real and rolling out
Rumours stirring over recent weeks boiled into reality today when Facebook did indeed unveil its email system at the invite-only San Fran press event. USA Today reports, "The social networking... more
Is Facebook going to launch its own email system on Monday?
Rumours are swirling about a Facebook email system readying to launch. Spearheaded by TechCrunch, it's expected that Facebook has serious plans to launch an email system, such as Hotmail or Gmail,... more
Shut The F#@% Up, Parents: 10 crazy examples of parental stupidity on Facebook
Editor's Note: Many links are now broken since the website relaunched. Ever had your news feed infested by the gory, leave-no-stone-unturned details of a chaotic childbirth? How about photos of... more
Facebook Places now available for Blackberrys
Integrating with Blackberry GPS and Maps app technology, Facebook's Places app is now available for Research in Motion's line of smartphones. It's available in the BlackBerry App World. The app is... more
New web browser aims to stand out with deep social networking integration
The web browser market is already crowded with popular choices such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox (oh, and that Internet Explorer thing by Microsoft or whatever). But a new... more
Facebook's API May Expose Private Status Updates
Facebook users who rely on the social network site's ability to make status updates visible only to certain people may find their posts exposed publicly. Technology expert Tod Maffin discovered... more
Canadian Privacy Commissioner and Facebook to attend Ottawa Privacy Conference
Major players from both government and from industry will be attending the inaugural Privacy & Information Security Congress 2010 in Ottawa on November 15th and 16th. The Congress, hosted by... more
Facebook aims to 'make mobile more social,' launches new mobile features
"200 million people around the world are now actively using Facebook from a phone, more than triple the number just one year ago," Facebook's Erick Tseng said in an company official blog post.... more
Some people never learn: B.C. workers fired after dissing employers on Facebook
In Pitt Meadows, a small town on the outskirts of the greater Vancouver area, two car detailers were fired for posting homophobic slurs and threats online against their bosses—who were, in an... more
Facebook research predicts the best, or worst, time of the year for break ups
Worried if your significant other might kick you to the curb? Maybe instead of reading emotions, you should try reading a calendar instead. At a TED conference in Oxford, England, British... more
With Christmas on the horizon, Facebook stocks Credits gift cards in Canadian Walmarts and Best Buys
What more could you want for Christmas this year than a $25 gift certificate for Facebook Credits? As if we needed another gift card and/or online currency, Canadians can now pick up $10 and $25... more
How well does Facebook know their users? Sometimes, not very well
The central premise of advertising on Facebook is well-known: users group themselves together based on their locations, tastes, jobs, passions, schools, and really just about anything else,... more
Your Facebook can be hacked by any average joe sitting next to you with free Firesheep plugin
Will you be the next victim of Firesheep? Following our Hacker's Story on just how easy it can be to gain access to users' private data, many readers noted Firesheep—a Mozille Firefox... more
Study: Facebook outing gay users to advertisers
Here’s a scary thought for anyone who values their privacy. A study by Microsoft and Germany’s Max Planck Institute shows that Facebook has been letting advertisers know the sexual... more
News in Short: Digg loses and slashes staff (big time); Facebook/Groupon/Zynga investor readies for IPO
Mail.ru readies for big IPO Mail.ru Group is a Russia-based company that has a 2.4 percent stake in Facebook ($30B+ valuation), 1.5 percent in Zynga ($100M+ annual revenue), and 5 percent in... more
Mark Zuckerberg says The Social Network is an inaccurate portrayal, but the Winklevoss twins disagree
Mark Zuckerberg and the "Winklevi," as his actor calls them in hollywood flick The Social Network, shared very different opinions in the movie. And so it seems that they also share different... more
Naheed Nenshi elected mayor of Facebook, er, Calgary
Monday saw the election of a new mayor in Calgary, and Naheed Nenshi’s victory certainly is deserving of the term “underdog victory.” Running in Canada’s most... more
Privacy breach though apps: This is why I never download apps on Facebook
I don't play FarmVille. Or FrontierVille. I don't play any games on Facebook. In fact, I don't use any apps on Facebook at all. I'm glad I don't, because the WSJ reported recently that even with... more
Toronto welcome's back Facebook Developer Garage
Not since February 2009 has there been such high anticipation for Facebook Developer Garage in Toronto.  Why?  Because it has been that long since the last event. On Thursday October... more
Bing and Facebook team up to make social searching a reality
Microsoft’s Bing search engine users are now getting some help from friends — that is, their Facebook friends. Starting Wednesday, Bing will tie into users’ Facebook profiles in... more
Criticism of professors online gets OK from Alberta judge
Got a beef about a prof at your university? Vent away, says an Alberta judge. Justice Jo'Anne Strekaf of the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta ruled that two students, twin brothers Keith and... more
Facebook Developer Garage returns to Vancouver
In October of 2007, Techvibes sponsored Vancouver’s first Facebook Developer Garage where Backstage Technologies' Russell Ovans and SuperRewards' Jason Bailey were among the presenters.... more
Facebook adds new security features including remote logouts, one-use mobile passwords, and more
Today, roll-out begins for a slew of new Facebook features, all of which revolve around the security of users' accounts. Remote logouts. It's nothing new - Google and others have had it for a... more
Ontario boosts its Amber Alert program. How? A Facebook page.
Ontario's Amber Alert program has created a Facebook page to expand its reach to find missing children. Quoth The Globe and Mail: The page will broadcast Amber Alerts issued in... more
Five fascinating follow-up facts to Facebook film
Hollywood flick The Social Network ranked #1 last weekend, pulling in $23 million (roughly half its budget) in its opening three days. It deserves that and more, as it is a legitimately good... more
Facebook Canada and Ontario Police team up to help locate abducted kids
Earlier this afternoon it was announced that the province of Ontario, through the Ontario Provincial Police and the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, had teamed up... more
How Mark Zuckerberg has returned Facebook to its most raw origins through new Groups feature
Since its inception in February of 2004, Facebook has grown from an exclusive Harvard club, to a many-universities club, to a worldwide social network with arms extending to even the farthest... more
Live Q and A from Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook team on today's new feature launches
Here is a paraphrased Q & A frm today's live Palo Alto event written in real-time. Most answers are by CEO Mark Zuckerberg with a few other team members supplementing. Out of the loop? View... more
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces more new features: Friend Groups and Group Chat
At an invitation-only press event in Palo Alto today, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is making a few announcements. First up was "Download Your Information." Second was the Apps Dashboard. The... more
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces new 'Apps Dashboard' feature
At an invitation-only press event in Palo Alto today, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is making a few announcements. First up was "Download Your Information." Secondly, the Apps Dashboard. This new... more
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces new 'Download your Information' feature
At an invitation-only press event in Palo Alto today, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is making a few announcements. First up is "Download Your Information," a new Facebook feature that allows you... more
Quebec spammer must pay $873 million US fine: judge
A Quebec man, Adam Guerbuez [pictured], received more than a slap on the wrist for sending over four million spam messages over Facebook in 2008. He’s on the hook for $873 million US after a... more
Movie Review: The world’s first movie based on Facebook isn’t about Facebook. And that may be why it’s so damn good.
Sitting inside the musky lounge of The Thirsty Scholar, located on-campus of the prestigious Harvard University, Mark Zuckerberg (Jessie Eisenberg) engages in conversation with his girlfriend,... more
Before Facebook, there was Facemash. Now, the storied domain is for sale on Flippa
Set up by Mark Zuckerberg in his Harvard University dorm in 2003, Facemash.com has been a ghost-domain since its short-lived on-campus popularity seven years ago. The domain's short but eventful... more
Facebook upgrades site with high-res photos, streamlined photo viewing, and bulk tagging
Facebook announced today some upgrades worth a mention: first, the ability to share high-resolution photos. Second, to browse photos in a streamlined manner that doesn't require separate page loads... more
News in Short: Mobile web traffic explodes, Facebook now second-largest video site
Facebook eclipses Yahoo as second-largest video site Google-owned YouTube remains, of course, the most popular video sharing site in the U.S., but Facebook is now the second most popular place to... more
Just when you thought Facebook couldn't get any bigger... it does
The half-billion users that make up what is the world's largest social network are a part of something that has not nearly reached its peak. As Facebook collaborates with INQ on what will likely... more
News in Short: Facebook ponders IPO in 2012, Google predicts future of online advertising
Facebook to consider IPO "after late 2012" A board member of the world's largest social networking site has revealed that Facebook will consider an IPO—but not for at least a couple of... more
News in Short: Feeling competitive heat, Dell announces tablet launch; Skype and Facebook to collab?
Feeling competitive heat, Dell announces tablet launch Dell Inc. will launch a 7-inch tablet within a month or two and a 10-inch tablet within a year, officials confirm. Dell may be rushing... more
Twitter topples MySpace as third-most popular social networking site. (What took so long?)
Finally, MySpace is knocked down a notch. The former heavyweight social networking champion, who fell hard from glory in the wake of Facebook and others, has been bumped from third to fourth place... more
News in Short: 'The Social Network' gets very good reviews, Facebook unveils Page Browser
'The Social Network' gets very good reviews In the first feature-length Hollywood dedication to a social media website, The Social Network is due for public release October 1st. Those who have... more
Why is I-love-openness Mark Zuckerberg acting all Steve Jobs on us over mobile phone rumours?
Apple: There is no phone. Apple, later: Ok, here's a sweet new phone. Buy it. Apple: There is no tablet. Apple, later: Ok, here's a magical and revolutionary tablet. Buy it. Apple: There is no... more
Facebook's partner for rumoured mobile phones is the social media-savvy INQ
There have been many rumours stirring over the past few days involving the words "Facebook" and "phone." It is indeed difficult to sift through the rumours to extract the facts, but at this point... more
News in Short: Google gets social with Fall release of Google Me; OnStar integrates social media
Google Me forthcoming Google CEO, Eric Schmidt has stated that Google Me will arrive this fall, but it won't necessarily be a separate feature—it will happen through a “social... more
News in Short: Google looks to innovate display and video ads; Facebook revamps 'like' button (again...)
Google looks to innovate display and video ads In an official blog post, Google announced that it's simplifying its display advertising process in a post on the Official Google Blog. Google... more
Future of Media short on future insights
Last night Digital Journal hosted an evening discussion called Future of Media in Toronto's Drake Hotel.  The participating panel included Mark Evans, Elmer Sotto from Facebook Canada, Anjali... more
University takes Facebook Places to next level with giant wooden sculptures on campus
It's fun to check in with Facebook Places, but sometimes you can forget. Not at the University of Kentucky. The social-media savvy post-secondary institution has complemented its campus-wide free... more
Sigh, what's new: a Facebook status update screws over yet another hapless user – booted from jury by judge
A U.S. woman was removed from a jury for commenting about the ongoing case on Facebook. Moreover, she was ordered to write a five-page essay about the constitutional right to a fair... more
New poll shows Canadians cautious about using Facebook
According to a recent survey by Delvina for ITBusiness.ca, most Canadians describe themselves as cautious users of Facebook especially when considering their privacy.  They have also adjusted... more
PayPal makes it easier for charities to raise funds via iPhone and Facebook
One industry that desperately needs to take advantage of social media and new technology is the charity and non-profit sector.  So it comes as a welcome announcement that PayPal has taken... more
Facebook on the verge of going to federal court over PIPEDA's 2009 complaint on privacy
In July of 2009, privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart reached a deal with Facebook after it felt the heat from Canada complaining about its poor privacy policies. The deal gave the social... more
News in Short: Transcon launches retail service Dealstreet.ca, Facebook breaks $1B in advertiser spending
Transcon launches retail service Dealstreet.ca Transcontinental announced this week the official launch of dealstreet.ca. Dealstreet is a new online flyer portal that delivers customized retail... more
Carol Zara talks to Techvibes about Facebook, online privacy and more
Canada's most famous geek girl, Carol Zara recently had her Facebook profile deleted by Facebook.  If you're not yet familiar with Carol here's a little bio: Carol Zara has a background in... more
Canada's Internet beauty queen banned from Facebook
Carol Zara is Canada's online beauty queen.  Carol has become popular online by posting sexy photographs of herself as well as provocative cartoons.  Most recently Carol posed nude with... more
News in Short: Google acquires social currency company Jambool, Facebook removes application boxes
Google acquires social currency company Jambool Google has acquired Jambool, the company behind a virtual currency called Social Gold. Jambool made the announcement in an open... more
Facebook Temporarily Blocks all Ow.ly URL Shortener Links
The Inside Facebook blog reported earlier today that the social networking site temporarily blocked URLs shortened with the ow.ly domain developed by Vancouver's HootSuite. According to Inside... more
Can foreign country's authoritarian governments truly stop RIM and others from penetrating their markets?
Strict foreign policies linger like a heavy, shadowy fog over Research in Motion's ability to penetrate overseas markets. Security concerns and regulations cited by various foreign government such... more
Exclusive Interview: Vancouver's FundRazr raises the bar with monumental PayPal and Facebook collaboration
As the world makes a dramatic shift from cash and cheques to punching in 16-digit Visa numbers online, one internet company has benefitted immensely from this trend. PayPal, the world's premier... more
Research suggests modern email marketing is less marketing, more promotion of social media outlets
These days, email marketing ought to be called "email click-these-socia-media-links!" StrongMail is a comprehensive, reputable provider of email and social media marketing solutions, and conducted... more
What is Facebook? A cool fad, a problematic FAD, or a fundamental Internet utility? 3 theories inspected
Many people hate Facebook. Many people use Facebook. This is normal. But, what isn't, perhaps, is the massive overlap between these two categories—a strangely high amount of people who hate... more
Half of Canada suing Facebook
It's no secret that when you get big people will look to chop you down.  At Techvibes we recently highlighted Facebook's 500 million population as well as the number of Canadians using... more
15 million reasons Facebook loves Canada
We recently reported (as did everyone else) that Facebook has more than 500 million subscribers.  Where does Canada rank? As close to the top without actually being on the top.  With... more
Vancouver's Rebus Creative tests social media marketing waters through BC Book Prizes auction fundraiser
For the first time, Rebus Creative, a Vancouver-based firm specializing in event management, publicity services, and fundraising, is bringing social media marketing into the picture for its... more
Facebook hits 500 million milestone
Early this afternoon Mark Zuckerburg posted a blog on Facebook announcing that their wildly popular social networking site (hint of sarcasm) has hit 500 million users.  As of this morning,... more
News in Short: Twitter use reached new heights during World Cup, Facebook struggles with users' deaths
World Cup delivers largest-ever period of sustained Twittering In post on the Twitter blog, employee Matt Graves said that the final match of the World Cup “represented... more
News in Short: Quantivo partners with Semphonic, web designer sues for majority ownership of Facebook
Quantivo and Semphonic collaborate Quantivo, a leader in behavioral analytics, has partnered with Semphonic, the world’s largest independent web analytics consultancy, to deliver the... more
News in Short: Canadians don't like e-bills, Facebook CEO aims for 1 billion users
Canadians prefer to read bills on paper, pay online Canadians appear to be comfortable with paying bills online, but still prefer to read the financial statements of those bills in good old... more
An Ultimate List: 10 prime examples of social media gone horribly, horribly wrong
Viral videos, self-destructive Facebook feeds, and the disrespecting of dead children. It's here, it's terrible, and it's true. Social media is a great tool to wield—but just like a hammer... more
News in Short: Facebook closes its virtual gift shop, Gmail adds rich text and improved signatures
Facebook closes its virtual gift shop Beginning August 1st, you will no longer be able to waste your real money on a shaped mass of meaningless pixels. The social networking site will be shutting... more
Toronto's Merchant Law Group looks to sue the pants off Facebook
Toronto-based law firm Merchant Law Group has its litigation crosshair aimed at social networking giant Facebook. The law firm, which has offices in 10 Canadian cities, launched litigation... more
What's a Facebook fan worth? Syncapse determines true value of Facebook followers
Would you estimate your Facebook fans are worth $240 million to your company? Probably not, and they probably aren't. But it appears to be the case for Research in Motion—that's the... more
Facebook Law: Beyond Privacy
Suzie Dingwall Williams is a Techvibes Guest Contributor and this post was published yesterday on Venture Law Lines. There is a thin line between keeping a trade secret, well, secret and... more
News in Short: Canadians comfortable but cautious with social media, email decreasing in popularity
Canadians are comfortable but cautious with social media The 2010 Digital Influence Index was released in Canada last week by Fleishman-Hillard and Harris Interactive. The study, which measures... more
News in Short: Flattr sparks debate over content compensation, Twitter users tighter-knit than Facebook users
Flattr fuels fights Flattr, the latest business dropping vowels for the sake of trendiness, is getting mixed reviews - and it's still in closed beta. The concept of Flattr is that content... more
News in Short: E-Books take longer to read, Facebook to recognize faces in photos
Study claims e-books slows pace of reading Web-usability mastermind Jakob Nielsen of Nielsen Norman Group conducted a study that pitted the Kindle 2 and iPad against print. The... more
BC's Victoria makes Social Media Day official
UPDATE: Today is the day, folks! Happy Social Media Day to everyone! Wednesday, June 30th: Social Media Day. On this day, Twitterati, Facebookers, those of LinkedIn, Bebo, and more, will... more
Google Docs gets boost, but Google Chrome OS takes hit
Google Docs receives enhancement Google has announced the release of a mobile viewer for their Google Docs, compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad users. According to Mashable, the mobile... more
Facebook looks to the White House to solve its privacy problems
Facebook seems to be taking privacy concerns a little more seriously now. The social networking giant's latest move looks to beef up their currently porous privacy settings. The company has hired... more
Facebook fuses with Twitter: Social media integration of the year
Twitter has made official announcements regarding its Facebook and LinkedIn applications. They're bringing in additional functionality and a new level of integration. The Twitter, which is... more
How does your Facebook friends list stack up against others?
Are your friends better than your friends' friends? Perhaps that question is confusing, but if you enjoy Internet competitions that pit friend networks against friend networks, SAP has an app for... more
LPV9 pre-coverage: An interview with Daryl Hatton of FundRazr
This is the fourth post in a series dedicated to covering the entries at Launch Party Vancouver 9. Today, I talk with Daryl Hatton, CEO of ConnectionPoint/FundRazr. For those who are not... more
Social networking online: Where to go, and where not to waste your time (Part 2: The Worst)
Networking has mattered since the dawn of business. Nobody's going to deny that. But never has there been such ample opportunity to network as now, with so many high-tech social networks rampant... more
LPV9 pre-coverage: An interview with Michael Fergusson from Ayogo Games
This is the third post in a series dedicated to covering the entries at Launch Party Vancouver 9. Today, I talk with Michael Fergusson of Ayogo Games. KT: Give our readers... more
Study reveals it pays to have fans: Marketing your brand on Facebook
Syncapse, a global leader in social technology, has announced the results of a study. This study "clearly outlines the value of Facebook marketing." The study, according to... more
Social networking online: Where to go, and where not to waste your time (Part 1)
Networking has mattered since the dawn of business. Nobody's going to deny that. But never has there been such ample opportunity to network as now, with so many high-tech social networks rampant... more
Ex-Adobe guy Rob Burgess jumps on Syncapse Board
Social technology startup Syncapse recently announced it caught a big fish from the talent pool: they appointed Rob Burgess to the company’s Board of Directors. Rob... more
'We're quitting Facebook!' - Quit Facebook Day has arrived
QuitFacebookDay is a website launched May 12 by Joseph Dee and Matthew Milan. The site is designed to have Facebook users, be they addicts or casual, commit to quitting Facebook today, May 31.... more
Zuckerberg attempts to recover, but Facebook founder falls flat and fails
(Click here for a recent post covering Facebook's destructive lack of privacy control.) The people have spoken. And Facebook has, supposedly, listened. Wave after wave of furious critics and... more
Former eBay Canada exec now heading up Facebook Canada
Yesterday I sent Jordan Banks a happy birthday message through Facebook.  Today I found out that the Thunder Road Capital executive is now heading up Facebook Canada.   Earlier this... more
How Facebook can destroy you (and seven ways to avoid it)
Facebook doesn't believe in privacy Everybody knows about Facebook. People love it—more than 400 million of them, in fact—because it's open, social, and boasts a global reach unlike... more

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